Vervain Bach Flower Remedy

Vervain Bach Flower Remedy Oracle Cards

Vervain is the Bach Flower Remedy for those who have a very strong sense of justice combined with the need to be right. They can appear fanatical in their views and they struggle to relax, often leading to feelings of burnout. They are energetic and highly idealistic. When they are at the healthy end of the spectrum, they make excellent motivational speakers. 

The Vervain Flower Essence can help them wind down and become more accepting of the views and opinions of others. It can also help them remember that they have a physical body that is clamouring for TLC. The Vervain personality type even neglects the most basic need of sleep in favour of getting others to rally around their cause.

In intimate relationships, the Vervain person would benefit from doing what the woman in the card is doing. I.e. place their hand on the heart before they speak, in order to make sure that the words they speak are from the heart and don’t have too much of a ‘bulldozing’ effect on the listener.

In the Tarot, the corresponding card would be the Queen of Swords (Water of Air).

Crystals that can help a Vervain personality type become more relaxed and receptive are Blue Lace Agate, Blue Calcite and Abalone. You can use these crystals to connect with Archangel Raguel, who can help restore peace and harmony to someone who is highly strung.

Use the following prayer (or your own words):

Dear Archangel Raguel, thank you for helping me stay peaceful and centred in times of heated debate. Help me remember that being kind is more important than being right, and help my words come out in a way that is helpful rather than hurtful. May you surround us all with peace and harmony right now. So mote it be!


Deck used: Bach Flower Inspirational Cards

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