Water Violet

Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy - Bach Flowers Oracle by Lo Scarabeo

The Water Violet personality type is often an old soul, naturally wise and sensitive. She is sure-footed on her own path in life, in general not bothered about interacting with people, may feel proud and come across as aloof. The Water Violet Bach Remedy, helps create warmth and ease of communication with people around her. Her wisdom is a gift… but only once she learns to share it (and herself) with the world!

Water Violet is one of the remedies I feel many Lightworkers would benefit from, in order to stop isolating themselves and take their mission into the world with joy and passion.

Other than wisdom and an aura of serenity which tends to rub off on people who are less confident, her strength lies in an ability to keep secrets – mainly because she has zero interest in gossip.


I choose thoughts, actions and communications that help me re-member that I belong to humanity in all its grimy glory.

Water Violet is naturally self-reliant and this often brings an aversion to asking anybody for help, even when it is quite necessary to do so…

It is OK to ask for help.

The corresponding Archangel is Gabriel, ruler of The Moon, Prophecy and Magick.


Dear Archangel Gabriel, put a warm light in my heart… one that burns a little brighter every day for those in need. May my voice in the world be a reflection of this light. So mote it be!

Selenite is the crystal that facilitates communication between the upper and lower worlds and is therefore perfect for the Water Violet, who was born straddling the hedge. Blue lace agate may also facilitate communication, especially when addressing groups of people.

Honour your need for down-time, to restore your energy levels. Spend time in the Sun and use solar crystals such as yellow jasper and citrine to raise Fire which you tend to be low on naturally, and which is quickly deleted when you are around people

The corresponding Tarot card is The High Priestess. 

Blessed Be!

Lisa Frideborg

Deck used: Bach Flower Inspirational Cards

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