2017 Tarot and Oracle Decks

2017 Tarot and Oracle Decks

2017 Tarot and Oracle Decks

Though I’ll never be a minimalist, I’m not happy when I realise I’m hoarding just for the sake of it. I’d rather be a mindful Tarot deck collector.  That’s why I decided to purge my collection in 2017. There was one rule for the purge: Any decks that failed to make me smile had to go.

Of course, this was before I realised I didn’t want to keep any of my Hay House Tarot and Oracle decks – especially not any decks associated with Doreen Virtue. They became tainted for me after she denounced the Tarot and divination. I realise not everyone feels like this but to me those decks were simply items that I no longer wished to have in my possession.

That meant another few rounds of getting rid of decks and one round of selling decks to raise money for an animal charity as part of a Hay House Boycott activity.

Roughly, the order I got my 2017 Tarot decks in is:

  • The Golden Tarot (Visconti Sforza replica)
  • The Secret Language of Color Oracle Cards
  • Sola Busca Tarot (replica)
  • Everyday Witch Tarot
  • Conscious Spirit Oracle
  • Oracle of the Dragonfae
  • The Star Tarot
  • True Love Reading Cards
  • Santa Muerte Tarot
  • Illuminati Tarot
  • Pamela Coleman Smith RWS Tarot
  • The Vice Versa Tarot

The Tarot History Lover’s Decks

The replica decks I’m definitely keeping because they are of historical interest and I love my Tarot history. I also don’t mind reading with the Golden Tarot, which is a lovely large deck. The companion book for this deck had some interesting bits of Tarot history in it too. It is a lovely set and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind non-scenic illustrations on the pips. Unfortunately, the Sola Busca Tarot is not a deck I’ll be reading with. The Majors are too far off traditional Major Arcana archetypes for it to work as a reading deck.

Doreen Virtue Replacement Oracle Decks

The Secret Language of Color Oracle Cards is becoming one my favourite oracles all time. Even before, Doreengate, I had started preferring reading with these cards instead of angel oracle decks. If you, like me, experience angels more as colour than as humanoid beings with wings, this deck may be a good replacement for doing Angel readings with.

The Conscious Spirit Oracle is another great oracle deck for anyone with an affinity for working with angelic energy in readings. This deck has angels, elementals and cards for the seven major chakras… A lovely deck for spiritual development readings. The artwork is pretty. My only criticism is that there is too much text on the cards. I prefer to let the images speak for themselves.

A friend of mine recommended the True Love Reading Cards as a replacement deck for the Romance Angels Oracle. I’m so glad I followed up on that recommendation because these cards are gorgeous. The artwork has a healing vibe and the messages are always spot on. This deck also combines perfectly with the Tarot in relationship readings.

If you have been following my Friday week ahead readings, you will have noticed that I’m using the Oracle of the Dragonfae quite often for the general guidance message. This Oracle is a must for dragon lovers!

2017 Tarot Deck Releases

First mention goes to the long-awaited Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland. I’ve been waiting for the full 78-card deck ever since I got the Majors only version back in 2010… And wow, was this deck worth the wait! Check out my review HERE.

Another delight is the Everyday Witch Tarot. This is a deck that just makes you smile. It’s close enough to traditional RWS card meanings to work for the beginner but different enough to offer variation to the seasoned Tarot reader. A must for those of you who love witchy decks.

Lo Scarabeo’s release of the standard RWS deck, the Pamela Coleman Smith Tarot, gets a round of standing ovations from me and many of my colleagues. Everyone seems to love the colours in this deck. The matte surface is a reason this is a social media approved deck – no glare in your Instagram pictures!

Luckily, the Santa Muerte Tarot arrived just in time for Halloween because it’s pretty much the perfect deck for doing Halloween readings with. Check out my deck interview HERE.

The Illuminati Tarot by Casey Duhamel is interesting to anyone who loves Tarot history. It’s not a replica deck but it’s based on the secret societies behind the occult teachings that underpin our modern understanding of the Tarot.

Last but not least, I want to mention a new favourite deck of mine… What’s not to love about a 78-card Tarot deck that gives you 156 cards for every reading? I’m talking about the Vice Versa Tarot, of course.

Which is your 2017 favourite Tarot or Oracle deck?