deck interview with the everday witch tarot

Deck Interview with the Everyday Witch Tarot

deck interview with the everday witch tarot

I decided to work with the Everyday Witch Tarot (UK Amazon affiliate link) for today’s tarotized quote and that’s when I realised I haven’t posted a deck interview for the blog with this deck yet. I’m not sure how that got missed out since this is probably my favourite deck purchase so far this year. 

Just how happy I am with this deck is clear from the 5-star review I posted on Amazon back in April:

“I caved in and got this deck after seeing it featured rather a lot lately on social media… and boy am I glad I did! The images are sweet but still have all the substance and detail you want for in-depth readings. Because they are thematically true to the essence of the Waite Smith deck, they are also super easy to read with.


While I see some complaining about the card stock, this is my favourite card stack and I’m so glad that Llewellyn went back to the silky smooth card stock of the Steampunk Tarot. These cards shuffle like a dream. I also love the non-reversible card backs since I don’t use reversals myself. The companion book makes for a good introduction to the Tarot for the beginner and I would recommend this deck for any level reader.

The box is way better than anything I have seen from Llewellyn in the past, sturdy and with a magnetic clasp… Yay! Having looked through all the card images and shuffled repeatedly, I’m now looking forward to my first reading with this deck which will be a deck interview… Can’t wait to see what these lovely cards have to say for themselves!”

I did actually post an interview with this deck on Instagram back in April, using an old deck interview spread, but I decided to use a more recent spread and give it another go for a fresh perspective since I have worked with this deck for a while now and feel I know it quite well.

Everyday Witch Tarot Deck Interview

a tarot spread for interviewing a new deck

For this interview with the Everday Witch Tarot, I’m using the Angelorum Deck Interview spread:

  1. Why I need you in my life. You bring a fresh holistic perspective to the Tarot tradition. I just ADORE that we have a Yoga teacher as The Hierophant here because this is what the Tarot is about for me… union between mind, body and spirit. I also feel you know me the way a spiritual guide or teacher would. All the readings I have done with you, both for self and clients, so far have been spot on and the guidance comes through loud and clear every single time. (The Hierophant)
  2. How to work together. Just enjoy. I’m here to remind you that life is a picnic. You will never not enjoy my company. (10 of Cups)
  3. How you challenge me. You challenge me to keep my heart open and to use my imagination. (Ace of Cups)
  4. Your greatest strength. You’re the full package. You can help me evolve through ever-new spirals of growth. Endings are only new beginnings and you will always be able to offer a fresh perspective that can help me grow. You give me the feeling that life’s achievements are worthy of celebration… because they are! (The World)
  5. Your greatest weakness. You may not be the most intellectual or analytical deck out there but if anything, I need a deck that can help me do the heart drop… and that, you can definitely do! (King of Swords)
love raven liora

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  1. I have it and I love it!! (You inspired me to buy it). I love the energy and for me as beginner it’s really intuitive. And it’s a gentle deck, I mean, it gives you insight in a kind way

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  2. Hi Lisa, I’m still on the Rider Waite deck. Based on your post I’m adding the Everyday Witch as my next! It looks very interesting, and easy to interpret

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