Heaven and Earth Tarot Review

A Review of the Heaven and Earth Tarot

heaven and earth tarot review

When I first spotted some images online of the Heaven & Earth Tarot (affiliate link), I was still not certain I would return to the Tarot fully. However, the artwork by Jack Sephiroth was so striking that I wanted the deck just for the sake of its art. It would be another couple of months before I finally decided to buy it, and since it’s been around since November, you may have already come across other reviews.

Most of the reviews, I had seen were for the kit but I decided to go for just the deck. This is a deck for the serious metaphysician, no doubt. Luckily, and in spite of my dumpster fire spiritual crisis last year, I still have the Tarot correspondences I work with memorised, so I didn’t feel a need for the kit at this stage. However, if/when I get a duplicate, I probably will get the kit.

The Heaven and Earth Tarot is published by Lo Scarabeo and according to Amazon, it was released on 25 November, 2020. As I stated earlier, the artwork is by Jack Sephiroth and the LWB as well as the book that comes with the kit are by Jaymi Elford.

The card stock is good quality but a smidge too glossy for my liking. The backs are reversible. Knights are Fire so higher up than Kings (Air) in the Kabbalistic hierarchy which can be a bit confusing if you are used to the Thoth decks where the Air courtiers are titled ‘Prince.’

A Deck for the Serious Student of the Tarot

You could get this deck simply for the beautiful artwork, even if you are not interested in learning esoteric correspondences. It would also work well for the beginner Tarot reader due to the artwork resembling the Waite Smith deck to such a high degree. However, you would miss out on a whole lot if you aren’t looking at the symbols in the title section of the card.

The Heaven and Earth Tarot is actually a synthesis of the Waite Smith and Thoth decks. You can find a video by Joy Vernon that explains how to start working with the symbols at the bottom of the card HERE.

Heaven & Earth Tarot Flip-through

Rather than show you pictures of the cards, I thought I’d put together a little flip-through video to music. There are already plenty of videos about the Heaven & Earth Tarot where they talk you through the deck, so it might be nice to have the quicker option with less waffle for those of you who want to save some time.

Heaven & Earth Tarot Deck Interview Reading

heaven and earth tarot deck review reading
  1. A unique trait or characteristic of this deck that I need to be aware of: The Moon (Pisces) is really the mood I’m feeling for the artwork in this deck so it makes perfect sense! A fabulous deck for shadow work and dream interpretation, in other words.
  2. A challenge in working with this deck: 3 of Wands (Sun in Aries). This deck will challenge my integrity and sense of self. It actually did that the first time I laid eyes on it. I knew it could be a tool for the Highest Good, yet I was not ready to transcend my dualistic way of approaching my spirituality. This has much improved since then, thanks to embracing the Gospel of Thomas once more. However, I know that edge will always be there because of how I feel about Aleister Crowley (not a fan!). Although this deck is not a pure Thoth clone Crowley’s influence is still present.
  3. How this deck can help me progress spiritually: The Emperor (Aries). It is precisely because that edge is there, that this deck can help me strengthen my own identity and faith.
  4. How this deck can help me progress with shadow-work: Justice (Libra) proves that this deck is ideal for shadow-work and integrating the darkness within for a harmonious and whole self.
  5. Something in my past this deck can help me transform/release: The Hierophant (Taurus). I believe this relates to my view of certain occultists as the ultimate authorities on esoteric wisdom. That has definitely shifted in favour of Jesus!
  6. How this deck can help me realise my life purpose: The World (Saturn) is my ‘Personality Card’ among the Tarot Birth Cards. I think this deck will prove a good work horse for getting me all the way Home!
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  1. I hope this deck helps in your journey home. Question: Which occultists do you view favorably ? Do you believe Jesus was a magician?

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      No, I wouldn’t label him ‘magician,’ – I might refer to him as a wisdom teacher but I absolutely believe He is God incarnate too. I am not sure why he used shamanic healing techniques from time to time when he clearly had the ability to speak healing into people without touching them but I suspect it was for teaching purposes. That said, he is the ultimate Magician but that is not ALL he is. He is the ultimate EVERYTHING by virtue of being God. He is my redeemer and my beloved teacher.

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      It’s very sad. As for occultists I view favourably… very few. Richard Abbot is the only now living occultist that I trust. Eileen Connolly is another. She is no longer on Earth but her books are good.

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      Valentin Tomberg is a Christian Hermeticist, not an occultist but his seminal work ‘Meditations on the Tarot’ is a must-read. I’m still only halfway through… it’s a tome!

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