Tarot Deck Interview with The Universal Fantasy Tarot

Universal Fantasy Tarot

The Universal Fantasy Tarot deck arrived through the post yesterday and I had a wonderful time sitting on a bench in the sun getting to know this deck yesterday afternoon. It was love at first sight so this interview will be biased but then I never claimed to be an objective reviewer of tarot decks. Some of the cards made me giggle with delight and every single card warranted a second glance. There is so much going on! Yes, you have been warned: This deck is not for you if you are the kind of person who prefers plain lines and decks that aren’t too ‘busy.’

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the rich detail or vibrant colours of this deck in the photo I took earlier for the actual deck interview (below). I was really drawn in by both the colours and the movement of the lines of these cards. This sense of movement is something the Universal Fantasy shares with the Mary-El which was the other deck that arrived yesterday.  They are both quite intense decks but the Universal Fantasy manages to be playful too and that is probably the reason I felt drawn to interview this deck first.

Had I received this deck as a young child, I would have played with the images for hours on end, making up stories for each of the characters.

Click HERE for a diagram of the deck interview spread.

The Universal Fantasy Tarot © Lo Scarabeo. All rights reserved.

Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck Interview

1. Describe yourself in three words

Dreamer, passionate, seer (5 of Cups)

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words

Empathic, escapist, fun-loving (10 of Cups)

3. What gift do you bring?

The ability to escape the bonds of logical and linear thinking, which does not always contain the answers you seek. (8 of Swords)

4. What do you expect in return?

A willingness to leave the past behind and to stay true to your own soul path which is that of a creative intuitive. (XX Judgment)

5. How can you help me serve?

I’ll help you detach from the musts, oughts and shoulds. I will liberate the child within and help you find the most outrageous ideas. (King of Swords)

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?

Yeah… *laughs mischievously* You really couldn’t ask for a better companion for your Hermit year! (The Hermit)

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind!

Click HERE to learn what your Tarot Year card is,

Blessed be!


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  1. Thanks for the interview. Think I would that deck as I love fantasy and the business of the Tarot Illuminati. Especially if I could find someone to trim the white edges off for me.

    I love decks that have a sense of humour.

    1. Post

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