The Light Seer's Tarot review, flip-through and deck interview

The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck Interview

The Light Seer's Tarot review, flip-through and deck interview

A Gift of The Light Seer’s Tarot

How blessed am I to receive such a beautiful gift this morning!? Thank you! I went to collect the Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne at the post office first thing today, to pay the import duty. Goddess only knows how long the customs people had been sitting on my pressie, sent to me by a dear friend who lives down under. I have known it was on its way to me for about a year now, so when I got notified that I had a parcel waiting for me, I sort of knew what it was… I had seen videos and reviews crop up already and felt flutters of expectation but made myself NOT watch any reviews or unboxings. I really wanted the full impact of being surprised and delighted… and boy did I get it!

The timing of this deck arriving today couldn’t be more perfect. We lost a beloved pet, our black cat, Bebe, two days ago and yesterday I felt thrust into a cloud of despair. The energy in our home was so dense from the raw emotions of humans and pets alike that I felt I was drowning. I did the work to raise my vibration while allowing myself to grieve and this morning it was as if a big dark cloud had shifted. The sun even came out on the way back from the post office when I was opening the parcel in our car (I wasn’t driving!).

I didn’t delay in sharing the joy and excitment of looking through the cards of the totally stunning Light Seer’s Tarot for the first time. As soon as we got back in, I made an unboxing and flip-through video for us…

Light Seer’s Tarot Deck Interview

The Light Seer's Tarot review, flip-through and deck interview

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.

LST: I am a good steward and responsible with the resources I have been given in this lifetime. (4 of Pentacles)

Me: That is such an awesome way to look at the light in the 4 of Pentacles and it helps me personally since this is my birthday decan card – Thank you!

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words?

LST: Fun-loving, vivacious and adventurous. (Knight of Wands)

Me: So your friend gets to experience a different side to you…? Will I be able to experience both with you?

LST: For sure!

3. What gift do you bring?

LST: The ability to progress raidly on your path with a crystal clear focus, joy and optimism. (8 of Wands)

Me: Woohoo! I can feel this already!

4. What do you expect in return?

LST: Your trust and friendship. (3 of Cups)

Me: Got it!

5. How can you help me serve?

LST: I can help you stay focused on the task at hand so that you complete it to perfection. I can do this because I am faithful in reminding you about your true purpose and have the ability to help you stay grounded. (8 of Pentacles)

Me: Yes, that makes sense from what I’m sensing already.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?

LST: I am living proof what can be achieved when you are patient and persever with the creative process. There really is no need to burn yourself out with it if you pace yourself sensibly! (Knight of Pentacles)

Me: Thank you – I really needed this message today!

Love and Light,


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  1. So sorry to learn of your cat. They leave such a hole in our hearts when they pass.

    Thank you for your review of this delightful deck. I bought one and it immediately became one of my all-time favorites. I hope you enjoy working with your new deck as much as I do mine.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Barbara. You don’t realise how much they impact your energy until they are gone. So glad to hear you are enjoying working with your Light Seer’s Tarot! Blessings, Lisa

        1. Post

          Thanks – I already do!! I’m just on uploading the day ahead reading for tomorrow (New Moon in Virgo) on YouTube and this deck was just perfect for the job!!

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