Luna Sol Tarot Deck Interview

Luna Sol Tarot Deck Interview

Luna Sol Tarot Deck Interview
The other week, at the UK Tarot Conference, I sat next to Darren Shill of Liminal 11. The deck he was working with, Luna Sol Tarot, caught my eye for a couple of reasons. The deck seemed to have a gentle but honest energy that really appealed to me. The cards drawn were always spot on but often with an extra dimension of quirkiness that made me smile. Oh, and this deck has diversity as well – People of colour, as well as people of different shape, age and size! I made a mental note to myself to get this deck as soon as possible, and couldn’t believe my luck when Darren offered to send me a copy after the conference. 

The artwork and design of the Luna Sol Tarot is by Mike Medaglia, fellow co-founder of Liminal 11.

Luna Sol Tarot Fanned Card Backs

Dareen Shill says in the LWB that comes with the deck:

“I believe we receive the tarot decks, that most mutable of divination beasts, that our age truly needs. Thus, The Luna Sol Tarot!”

I agree in the sense that this deck is very now and meets the demand of more diversity in the Tarot. I also believe that this deck fits with the vibe of many spiritual Seekers coming off the sugary high offered by a certain genre of New Age authors. People long for something a bit more authentic and grounded – Enter the Luna Sol Tarot.

In addition to the customary card meanings, there are a few Tarot spreads included in the Little White Book, including the Celtic Cross and a bespoke Luna Sol Tarot Spread which I can’t wait to try out.

Each deck comes with a black velvet back which is lined and embroidered. I’m not sure if the lining is always a bright green or not but I love that colour and am almost as happy with the bag as I am with the deck itself.

As for the structure of the deck, it follows the ancient Marseille Tarot decks with Justice as arcanum 8 and Strength as arcanum 11.

Bet you can’t wait to see what the Luna Sol Tarot has to say about itself… I know I can’t!

Luna Sol Tarot Deck Interview

Luna Sol Tarot Deck Interview

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.

LST: ‘I am the heart not afraid of breaking.’ I trust that our wounds are where the Light enters. I believe Rumi said something similar. (3 of Swords)

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words?

LST: Detached compassion, healing (Ace of Cups)

3. What gift do you bring?

LST: Perspective, patience and the knowledge that this too shall pass. After the harvest follows another cycle of tilling the soil. There are no endings, only new beginnings. Sometimes we have the luxury of being able to pause and get our bearings. I’d like to think I’ll be able to be there for those precious moments (7 of Disks)

4. What do you expect in return?

LST: That you don’t block yourself by comparing your progress with that of others. You need to clear those thoughts from your mind so that you can receive guidance that is not tainted. (5 of Wands)

5. How can you help me serve?

LST: We form a close partnership because we have similar outlook and wish for everyone in the world to be happy and find peace. It is likely that we have met before in a past life and that will make it easy to reconnect now and work together. (6 of Cups)

Me: Cool! I must admit that there was an instant recognition when I first laid eyes on you… even though you must have looked completely different in that past life.

LST: Of course. You looked totally different too in that nun’s habit. We’ve both had to grow up and find our own way but the time to work together for the Highest Good seems ripe.

Me: It does indeed! What were you in that past life… a stained glass window? A book in the library of Hildegard von Bingen?

LST: I honestly can’t remember any more than you can recall your name in that lifetime.

Me: Fair enough!

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?

Luna Sol Tarot: Yes, let the fun begin! 🙂 (The Sun)

Me: Count me in!

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