Thoth Tarot Fool and Millennium Thoth Tarot Fool - Deck review and interview + flip-through video

Millennium Thoth Tarot Deck Interview + Video Comparison with the Original Thoth Tarot

Thoth Tarot and Millennium Thoth Tarot Fool cards

When I received the Lo Scarabeo catalogue for the 2019 releases, the Millennium Thoth Tarot went straight onto my wish list. A borderless Thoth, without the sometimes rather depressing titles (nobody wants to see the words ‘ruin’ or ‘defeat’ in a reading) AND with artwork by Renata Lechner… What more could you want for in a Thoth-inspired deck?!

The first thing I did after unboxing the deck was to shoot the video below… I wanted to be able to sit and watch the side-by-side comparison while sipping on my favourite cup of coffee (not possible while flipping the cards). Turns out, this flip-through video has had quite a few views on YouTube already and that most people who commented on it seem to like the Millennium Thoth. Of course, it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea. Some people don’t like the cards to deviate too far from the original and some of them really do. Death springs to mind.

The readings I have done for myself with this deck so far have felt spot on.

The Thoth Millennium Tarot Box & Little White Book

Millennium Thoth Tarot Box

Sturdy box but don’t carry it upside down. The box top will fall off and the cards will spill out – Already had this happen once. Hopefully, you’re not as clumsy as me though…

Millennium Thoth Tarot Little White Book

Although the LWB is quite thick, there is not an awful lot of information in it and only one spread is included. The thickness is due to Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian versions being included as well.

Millennium Thoth Tarot Deck Interview

Millennium Thoth Tarot Deck Interview

1. Describe yourself in one sentence.

MT: I tend to analyse things from every angle and sometimes this leads to analysis paralysis. (8 of Swords)

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words?

MT: Magical, great communicator (The Magician)

3. What gift do you bring?

MT: I give your readings a certain je ne sais quoi – some flair and charisma not present in lesser decks. (Queen of Wands)

4. What do you expect in return?

MT: That you rein any stupid questions in and save them for the hoi polloi among Tarot decks. (Princess of Swords)

5. How can you help me serve?

ST: I can help you take action on the guidance you receive – Especially when it comes to guidance that forces you to venture outside your comfort zone. With my backup, you won’t be afraid of the resistance you will meet as you do so. I’m a good ally that way. (7 of Wands)

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?

MT: I’m a great mirror for your imagination and creativity because of the emotional affinity you have with the images present here. (Princess of Cups)

Me: True that. Thank you, Millennium Thoth Tarot!

That was a fun interview to do!! Let me know what you think of the Millennium Thoth Tarot and which you prefer. It’s okay to love both – I do!

love raven liora

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