Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright deck review and interview

Spirit Within Tarot Review and Deck Interview

Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright deck review and interview

I’d been contemplating getting the Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright for quite a while when I stumbled upon this video review by Sunset Bough. It was a bonding experience just watching the video and I realised I needed this deck in my life.

Normally, the types of decks I tend to go for are quite feminine and ‘pretty,’ brightly coloured and ‘fun’ or oldie-worldy and classical. Steven’s more ‘masculine’ deck (subjective, I know) has now arrived into my home and I instantly feel I have a better balanced deck collection.

The first reading I did with this deck wasn’t actually the deck interview below. My husband (who is rather picky!) really liked the artwork so I did a business reading for him (parts of which have already come true!) and I realised then and there that this will be my go-to deck for work-related questions.

Spirit Within Tarot box Schiffer Publishing Red Feather

This deck is produced by by Red Feather / Schiffer Publishing and comes in their traditional, sturdy magnetic flip-top box. While I’m a fan of the box, I’m not so much a fan of the card stock. It’s a bit thick for my liking (though I know plenty of readers who prefer this) and this time the edges were really quite rough to the point of creating slight scuffing on the King of Pentacles card. The surface of the cards is glossy and that works really well with the silhouette artwork in the Spirit Within Tarot.

Sadly, I’m a bit of klutz and in my excitement I managed to scar the box with my scissors when I was trying to get the shrink-wrap off… So if you’re anything like me, take your time with the unwrapping, or your poor Tarot box may be scarred for life.

Spirit Within Tarot Box scarred for life

Deck Interview with the Spirit Within Tarot

Spirit Within Tarot Deck Interview

1. Show yourself – King of Wands: This is a masculine deck and the deck itself agrees. You don’t really get more masculine than the King of Wands (Fire of Fire). This deck has the spirit of the visionary leader, self-employed entrepreneur and motivational speaker. It oozes confidence, panache and charisma. It wants to inspire you to be your best you and live your best life.
2. What is your mission in the world? 4 of Cups: To help people trust their intuition and get off their asses. There is too much wallowing going on. Life is short. Suck it up and refocus your energy on what is positive, constructive and will bring results. Behold the cup of Fire that I offer. Drink it and all your past sorrows will soon be forgotten.
3. What is your most deeply held dream? Five of Swords: For people to not fear conflict but to see it as a challenge that can help them grow. Most people need to toughen up. There is way too much interest in ‘woundology’ and not enough interest in problem-resolution and innovation.
4. How can we work together? Temperance: We are complementary opposites who both have an interest in inspiring people in moving forward and finding their own healing power.
5. What do you need from me? The Moon: The courage to face your inner demons when it comes to authority and masculine power.
6. How do you inspire hope?Judgement: By helping people connect with their life-purpose and feel as if they can actually achieve what they have been called to do.
7. What is your magick?The Hermit: The magick of the blending of feminine intuitive wisdom and compassion with strong leadership and authority. I am a teacher and I am not someone who is easily dismissed and ignored. My messages have gravity and are easily applied in real life so that the below can become like the above.


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  1. I must confess I’m not crazy about the artwork but your interview is spot on and using it as a career orientated deck makes sense. I especially agree with the 5 of swords interpretation.

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