Unicorn Tarot Deck Interview

A Surprise Visit by a Unicorn

About seven years ago, something remarkable happened while I was meditating. A light in the distance became visible via my inner vision and as the light gently grow stronger I could see that it was radiating from a Unicorn. This was completely unexpected since I had not been thinking about Unicorns, nor had I set the intent to invite one in. I was in a state of quiet contemplation about something unrelated when it happened.

The unicorn walked up to me and touched my third eye with its horn. It’s hard to describe the feeling other than to liken it to a blissful kiss. If that sounds totally cray cray then so be it. I know that others who have had encounters with unicorns will ‘get’ it.

Unicorn Spirit Guides

Last year, I became aware of my Unicorn spirit guide. He has a gentle, stabilising presence which instantly allows me to raise my vibration. The communication between us is mainly wordless. It could very well be that this spirit guide is the same unicorn that came to me in meditation all those years ago… Like the angels, unicorns never force their presence on us. They offer their assistance when we are ready to begin working with them. They also don’t worry so much about time gaps of six or seven years, being higher dimensional and all.

Their main work of the unicorn spirit helpers is to help us raise our vibration and to re-imagine our existence here on Earth so that we can remove what is dysfunctional/destructive once and for all. They embody the qualities of beauty, imagination, innovation, freedom, emotional detachment, clarity of vision and intelligence.

Unicorn Oracles and Tarot Decks

My renewed interest in Unicorns didn’t happen just thanks to connecting more deeply with my unicorn spirit guide. I have since gotten to know several different types of unicorns. They communicate with me via colour. It may well be that they are all silvery white like the mythical creature but they show how they can help through their colour signature. Colour is also how I connect most easily with the angelic realm so it was no surprise to me when I realised it worked the same way with the unicorns.

I recently acquired the Oracle of the Unicorns which is absolutely adorable. I used it for this week’s forecasts last Friday. This has replaced my Doreen Virtue Unicorn Oracle and I am extremely pleased because it is so much better than the old deck.

Obviously, being a Tarot reader, I also wanted to get a Unicorn-themed Tarot deck. US Games produced one called the Unicorn Tarot in 1995. The artwork is by Liz Hilton and the LWB/companion book is written by Suzanne Starr.

After I bought this deck, I went and had a look at Instagram for pictures of unicorn Tarot cards… and found the Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen. This deck is super cute but sadly OOP, so I had to put it on my wish list for now.

The US Games Unicorn Tarot isn’t as cutesy but it comes with the usual good quality of US Games card decks go as far as the card stock is concerned. The artwork is quite simple but it really speaks to me. So let’s see what the genie of the Unicorn Tarot has to say about the deck…

Unicorn Tarot Deck Interview

Unicorn Tarot Deck Interivew

1. Describe yourself in three words or lessThe Empress

UT: Nurturing and loving

Me: Ohhhhhhhhh… Of course! And am I right to assume you are an emanation from the Divine Feminine?

UT: *Winks*

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – 7 of Swords

UT: Moon in Aquarius

Me: Oh, how clever! You managed to cram so much meaning into only three words. So you are really telling me about your ability to detach emotionally and to imagine/invent a better alternative in times that would be emotionally troubling to most… Is this how your bessie sees you?

UT: *Moves horn up and down*

3. What gift do you bring?7 of Cups

UT: The gift of clarity when you are emotionally confused and mired.

Me: Cool, because that is what we need most when we turn to the Tarot for answers.

4. What do you expect in return?Page of Swords

UT: That you ask the right questions. Make them laser-sharp; make them count!

Me: That’s a challenge I’m more than happy to accept.

5. How can you help me serve?The Sun

UT: I can help you keep an optimistic outlook. I can fill you with joy and help you do the same for your clients.

Me: You’re starting to sound more and more like a keeper.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself?The Tower

UT: Let there be no mistake – my readings can pack a punch if need be. When you are deluding yourself, I’ll be the first to call you out on it. I will show you the Kali face of my Empress/Mother God nature so that you can start again and bring yourself into harmony with Truth.

Me: Thank you so much. I very much enjoyed our chat and feel I know you a bit better. I would also like to add that even before this interview, I found that the images spoke very clearly indeed and that the reading I did yesterday was one of those Tower style readings… so thanks for that too!



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  1. Thank you! This was nice. I’ve appreciated people like you who are willing to talk about experiences like this. You don’t sound cray to me. I’ve been connecting with this myself but more on the playful, whimsical side of them. Enjoy!

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      Thanks Jasmine. I would love to hear more about the playful, whimsical connection you have with the unicorns. That’s definitely there for me too, btw 🙂

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