Word Cloud Tarot Happy Toast Deck

Word Cloud Tarot HappyToast Deck Review

The Word Cloud Tarot HappyToast Deck is a collaboration between Adam (WordCloud Tarot) and Chris (aka Happy Toast). Their Kickstarter is going live this month (November 2022) and I was sent a test-print review copy.

The Word Cloud Tarot HappyToast Deck is specifically designed for beginners. It can help you learn and it can facilitate reading straight out of the box for anyone who hasn’t yet gotten around to studying and memorising card meanings. While there already are beginner decks that do this, the Happy Toast Deck stands out in a couple of ways. Firstly, it has way more words for each card than I have seen in other decks for learning card meanings and secondly, the artwork is very unique, cute and humorous. It is based on the standard RWS images but with less detail since, obviously, a lot of card space is dedicated to the word cloud.

The Thinker’s/Writer’s Deck

Some of the card meanings are new to me and I’m growing new neurons thanks to having to figure out how they arrived at those. That’s a good thing. And that is why I will not hesitate to recommend this deck to someone who is NOT a beginner but who is looking for a quirky deck that makes you think. I could totally see this deck as a valuable journaling tool as well. You’ll never run out of journaling prompts!

Deck Specs

In the picture above, you can see the Word Cloud Tarot HappyToast Deck box and the cards with the backs facing up. Below, you will find some sample cards. There is nudity in the deck but not really any more than in the standard RWS deck.

The card stock is silky matte and the borders have a marble effect. This deck shuffles like a dream! The suit names and titles on the Trumps are the standard names and titles used. The card titles are found at the bottom of the card. On the bottom border and there are also Thoth-inspired keywords for each of the Minor Arcana cards. Size-wise, these cards do not differ from a standard-sized deck but the corners are slightly rounder. This is a quality production, folks!

Word Cloud HappyToast Deck Interview

Describe yourself in three words or less. 4 of Cups

WCTHT: Pretty lazy

2. How would your best friend describe you in three words or less? 2 of Swords

WCTHTSeeker of clarity

Me: I think you may both be right, except you wouldn’t have been able to create this deck if you were terribly lazy. It must have taken a LOT of research! But I suppose you can be lazy now that it’s completed. You won’t have to open another book on the Tarot or research cards online ever again!

3. What gift do you bring? 6 of Pentacles

WCTHT: A generous helping hand/leg up for anybody wanting to learn the Tarot.

4. What do you expect in return? Queen of Swords

WCTHT: I expect that you think and analyse the card meanings for yourself. Keep a journal and evaluate your progress.

5. How can you help me serve? King of Pentacles

WCTHT: I can be useful in pretty much any way you can imagine. I have lots of practical applications and can take a Tarot reader all the way from novice to mastery of the 78 Keys, provided they follow the guidance of the Queen of Swords above.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? 8 of Wands

WCTHT: As long as you stay focused, I can help you get to your heart’s desire faster than most. I’m the perfect tool for spitballing about new ideas. I’m also ideal as a tool for manifesting thanks to providing prompts for affirmations.

Me: Yes, I can see that already. Welcome to my deck collection! I very much look forward to working together!

love raven liora

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