Confusion in the Time of the Return of the Divine Feminine

Return of the Divine Feminine

You may have heard a rumour or two about the return of the Divine Feminine. The rumour turns out to be 100% true. As we prepare to embrace the unknown at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, we start to sense Her presence more and more. One by one she touches our hearts and quickens our spirits.

Many are feeling the calling to be of service and help prepare the way, just as many felt a calling to help prepare the way for the Messiah at the start of the era of Pisces.

The Age of Aquarius

However, things are very different this time. The Age of Aquarius is an age of equality. The Divine Feminine is not coming to cause further division by seeking converts or the formation of religious factions. She does not want our money. She is not in the business of trading her secrets for gold.

Clues about the gentle nature of her energy are found in the Star card in the Tarot. This card corresponds with the Zodiac sign of Aquarius. During the most recent New Moon in Aquarius solar eclipse, there was a subtle shift of energy that helped many of us achieve greater clarity about the nature of the Divine Feminine.

Return of the Divine Feminine Star Tarot Card Visconti Sforza

The eight-pointed star in the Visconti Tarot Star card is both a sign of God’s grace and the Divine Feminine, Stella Maris.  In both the Marseille and RWS Tarot, the outpouring of water is a sign of grace.

Return of the Divine Feminine in the Marseille and RWS Tarot

The eight-pointed star is connected with the Goddess Venus. It takes eight years for the Planet Venus, aka the Morning/Evening Star, to return to the same place in the heavens after forming a beautiful five-petaled rose pattern. Before the worship of the Goddess Venus, this same association was made for the Sumerian Goddess Inanna (known as Ishtar to the Eastern semitic population). Inanna/Ishtar was known as the ‘Queen of Heaven.’ In Christianity, Mary was crowned in her place.

The Return of the Divine Feminine and Big Spirit Biz

Many seek to profit from Seekers who have received the calling to be of service to the Divine Feminine. There are countless online programs and courses, weekend workshops, books and webinars that you can buy/sign up for. They all purport to know the ‘secret’ about what it is you are looking for. You too can download the ‘awakening code’ or learn the secret channelled by so-and-so if you only pay $$$$$$.

In big spirit biz anything goes if it can make a quick buck and right now, those operating the PR machinery are seeking to make some serious money out of the Divine Feminine in general and Mary Magdalene in particular.

Good news. The calling of the Divine Feminine is to go within where the answers can be found… and it’s free!

Your Magdalene Calling

To heed the calling of the Divine Feminine is to heed one’s Magdalene calling (though it doesn’t matter if you call it that). It’s about service and devotion from a place of authenticity… When we heed this calling, we experience the unfolding of the petals of the heart chakra.

Roses of all colours are an important symbol to Magdalenes for many reasons and it is clear to see why.

I received my own Magdalene calling back in 2004. I kept looking for answers outside myself, wanting a quick fix and a sturdy brick road laid out in front of me. The more I looked without, the more confused I became. The path only started to solidify thanks to daily spiritual discipline and going within. She is there, waiting for us all.

There is no ONE Holy Book above all others on this path.

As a Magdalene, we read and contemplate whatever Spirit guides us to study – honouring all sources of wisdom equally. All truth is God’s truth.

As a Magdalene, we seek out our kindred spirits. But we do so without a need to conform or form a cohesive unit, realising that the more diverse the community, the more good it can do in the world because the more different types of people we can connect with and help.

As a Magdalene, we use our spiritual gifts without asking for permission. We do not submit to patriarchal power and pressures to conform. Many of us have been judged and condemned as heretics in the past.

Some of us also have past life memories of being burned, hung or beheaded for practising our Craft. Those days are now behind us. We rise empowered, supporting each other along the way.

As a Magdalene, we understand that making a difference in the world is something we all can do by living from the heart and helping where we can.

Not for Sale

As a Magdalene, we see through the illusion that spirituality is something that you can buy or sell. We are not consumers of spirituality but draw deep from the well of Spirit within.

The time of confusion and people seeking to profit from it is set to last a while longer.

Keep the faith and trust your inner guidance!


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  1. I have so many thoughts about this. As in, why isn’t it okay to profit from guidance offered? Is that not rooted in patriarchal beliefs about how spirit mustn’t meet monetary? At the same time, offering the “answer” seems about as useful as finding the perfect diet. I suppose you’re right, going inward is free. Truly free.

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      It’s about how spiritual needs mustn’t be subjected to exploitation. I’m not saying there aren’t valid teachers out there worthy of pay. And yes, the answers lie within. If we fall prey to greed, it is often because we are too lazy to meditate and contemplate… or too restless to sit with our inner guidance.

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