meta spirituality the new one world religion

Analysing Meta Spirituality – The One World Religion?

Meta Spirituality the New One World Religion

As someone who is always trying to learn more about personal and spiritual development, I’m wondering why I had not yet heard of Meta Spirituality when I first came across it. Apparently, it’s a booming ‘new tradition’ that has already gained hundreds of thousands of followers around the world. It is especially popular in the USA. And it is all the brainchild of one person, Nina Verkoyen.

Once I realised how pop spirituality publications sell this new spirituality to the masses, I stopped wondering about its meteoric rise. It’s basically New Age (Old Gnosticism) all over again but with better packaging and more confident leadership.

A quick Google search using the sentence, ‘What is Meta Spirituality?’ brings up this article in the glossy magazine Grazia at the very top. In this article, we learn that…

“What sets Meta Spirituality apart is its radically different approach to personal and spiritual development. Meta Spirituality emphasizes building a direct relationship with your divine self, eliminating any need for spiritual intermediaries. It is meeting the needs of individuals seeking a direct path to enlightenment.”

Meta Spirituality Is Not New

Sounds good, yeah? So why does this article make me want to scream? In fact, I’m screaming inwardly as I type this. How is this a ‘new tradition’?! Individuals who have no taste for bowing to authority, religious or otherwise, have always done this.

It also makes me wonder how someone so confidently sets themselves up as a g*ru for a path that claims there is no need for g*rus or middlemen. I mean looks do matter, I suppose. It’s not hard to get featured in glossies when you look like Nina Verkoeyen. And to be fair, the article in Grazia is more photos of her posing (like a g*ru) than diving into any of the Meta Spirituality teachings.

It Is Just Cleverly Packaged

The scantily worded article ends with, “As the visionary founder of Meta Spirituality, Nina is heralding a paradigm shift in the way spirituality is understood and practiced in the modern world. As more and more people join this spiritual movement, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of something big.”

If you read that again, you might ask yourself (I certainly did), why they seem to be inviting people to join the movement. If we do not need another g*ru, we do not need another movement to feed the one at the top, right?

I smell big money as Grazia is not the only glossy where they tout this new supposed miracle spirituality. Pardon if that makes me sceptical and believe me the money side of things is not the only thing about this that is bringing up feelings of doubt and scepticism in me.

The Dangers of Meta Anything

You really have to put your thinking cap on when a teacher comes along who says. “You no longer need any middle man but follow me and I will make everything alright!”

The new One world Religion?

How is one person qualified to replace all other teachers and traditions? In the Grazia article, it says:

“With a foundation laid in deep psychological understanding, an unyielding commitment to personal growth, and a vision to revolutionize spirituality, Nina Verkoeyen is indeed an exceptional figure leading an extraordinary personal development movement.”

There is no mention of what exactly her exceptional qualifications are but they must be at least twice as good as those of CG Jung because he would never have dreamed of asking people to lay all other teachers and traditions to one side to follow him. But maybe that is the kind of confidence you gain when another glossy mag refers to you as the new ‘female Buddha.’

Red Flags

I’m not asking anybody to agree with me. Please come to your own conclusion. This is, however, me documenting my own red flags. As someone who has been g*ru fodder in the past, I would like to think that maybe this article makes people think twice about spiritual teachers who claim we need no more ‘middle men’ while actively creating a demand for themselves as just such a middle man.

Green Flag Alternatives

  • Research everything for yourself (don’t take any teacher’s word for anything)
  • Research more than one field: spirituality, religion, science and psychology are all linked
  • Be your own damn g*ru!
  • Look for more obscure publications. You will rarely find the truth in a glossy mag.
  • Read books, preferably written before the AI era.
  • Do shadowwork.
  • Learn from as many teachers as possible.
  • Meditate and ask questions of the Divine.
  • Expect the Divine to answer.
  • Take notes.

Meta Spirituality and AI

I could be wrong. But to me, it feels like Meta Spirituality is the new One World religion that AI came up with on behalf of the Elites. If it isn’t, it’s their wet dream of one, for sure. You rarely see personalities featured and touted this heavily by MSM unless there is an agenda even if the agenda is to just d*mb us down further… Call me overly suspicious. I don’t care. I hope I’m wrong!!

Signing off from my sentinel duty to go for a long, calming walk in the fresh autumn sunshine!

love raven liora

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  1. I’m with you on this one. Never heard of it until this article and I’ll be staying far far away from it.
    It’s another money and power grab for sure.

    I’m quite grateful I was married to a self professed guru who ruined my life so I know the red flags when I see them.

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