Our Spiritual Journey through the Lens of the Tarot

The Soul’s Journey on Earth through the Lens of the Major Arcana

The Fool – We come into the world faced with the choice of whether we want to be fools for God and gather treasure in Heaven or embrace the foolishness of the world and gather treasures that we can’t take with us.

The Magician – We are introduced to our own willpower and seek to impose it on others. We choose to do so honestly or with a spirit of deceit.

The High Priestess – We learn through receiving visions and revelations. We become keepers of the mysteries.

The Empress – We learn through our mothers and Mother Nature. We nurture in turn.

The Emperor – We learn through our fathers and other authority figures. We lead in turn.

The Hierophant – We learn through tradition, the church and society. We adapt or become misfits. We teach what we have learned, whether consciously or by example.

The Lovers – We learn about choices that either bring light and love or fear and darkness into the world.

The Chariot – We learn (or fail to learn) the value of discipline.

Strength – We learn (or fail to learn) the value of kindness and compassion. We rule the id or are ruled by it via our appetite.

The Hermit – We learn from contemplation. The value of silence and solitude is imputed here.

The Wheel of Fortune – We learn to accept that life has its ups and downs. We either find the center of the hub and learn to meet change with equanimity or we fail to do so.

Justice – We learn about laws of cause and effect and how we are not separate from those around us. What goes around comes around.

The Hanged Man – We learn to surrender control or we are made to surrender control without learning from it. Christ can teach us the full meaning of surrender if we are willing to learn from his sacrifice. Redemption.

Death – We learn that the only certainty in life is change. We engage actively in ego mortification.

Temperance – We learn to find moderation and walk the middle path in life.

The Devil – We learn about the perils of giving in to temptation and how our egos enslave us when we keep our lives away from the grace of God.

The Tower – We learn that traumatic events are often blessings in disguise that give us a chance to start over with a clean slate. We go deeper into ego mortification.

The Star – We learn about the power of faith, hope, and grace to overcome.

The Moon – We see how we generate fear and delusion within our own subconscious minds. Once we become aware of this, we can bring things up to the surface for healing. Shadow work.

The Sun – We begin to understand what it means to return to innocence. We appreciate the simple things in life and know how to be happy in our own skin. We are clothed in Him and His light shines through us. OR the ego has taken over completely.

Judgment – We hear the trumpet of the Angel of Judgment, not just after we die but while we still live. If we heed the call, our lives will never be the same and we will want to surrender deeper still in service.

The World – We have returned to innocence. We are crowned in the glory of the Lord, surrounded by the four evangelists, Mark (Leo), Luke (Taurus), Matthew (Aquarius), and John (Scorpio).

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