The Higher Your Vibe, the Smaller Your Tribe?

The Higher Your Vibe, the Smaller Your Tribe?

The Higher Your Vibe, the Smaller Your Tribe?

This post is in direct response to a meme I recently spotted online. The meme says,

Sis, the higher your vibe, the smaller your tribe.

We rarely pause to question memes. They usually show up in our feeds from friends that we are connected to via social media, so there is often very little resistance since the memes we see are typically posted by likeminded people.

However, in my own tribe of spiritually minded people on social media, I have noticed a tendency toward spiritual elitism that I feel this meme summarises in one succinct sentence.

I’m not comfortable with this elitism because it is a half-truth that I myself have used in the past to stay in safe isolation from the world around me. I know exactly what the fear underneath it looks like.

The truth is the exact opposite:

The higher your vibe, the bigger your tribe.

Your tribe is, in fact, all living beings. Once you have raised your vibration to peace and compassion, every living being is a friend to your soul.

I know some people who declare that they won’t go to certain places because they have to sage themselves after. I also know people who consider themselves too spiritual to mix with the ‘riff-raff’ of ordinary folk for fear of having their own vibration lowered.  This all stems from fear and from the habit of being reactive instead of shining one’s light by being kind to all living beings.

The other day, someone recommended a spiritual teacher to me as ‘very high vibe.’ I had not asked for the recommendation but I’m glad of it because it made me think about what makes us think that we have a right to label certain people as ‘high vibe,’ by default labelling others as ‘less high vibe.’ Interestingly, this spiritual teacher was someone I definitely would not trust with the instruction of my soul for various reasons. For me, choosing the right teacher is about the level knowledge they are able to provide.

Think on people like the Dalai Lama and Christ, two of the most ‘high vibe’ (I think most would agree) souls to ever walk on the Earth. The former on Earth and the latter in Spirit. If you seriously think that your tribe is only other people who are equally afraid of certain energies on this planet, maybe you could consult someone who is in fact documented as doing work that is for the Highest Good of All?

Ask Christ, ‘Who is my neighbour?’ and he will point you to the person walking past, no matter what their energy/vibrational state.

Our vibrational state is in a constant state of flux. That is true of all of us on Earth because we are emotional beings. We have no right to judge the vibrational state of another living being unless we have walked in their shoes.

What we can do is to love one another unconditionally, and to encourage each other when the journey gets difficult. Let me ask you… Is that not a more ‘high vibe’ response to LIFE than hiding from most people because we have judged and labelled them as ‘low vibe’?