The Out-of-Body Experience That Changed My Life


out of body experience

Reading The Map of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander, I realise how important it is for us all to share our stories of divine connection and consciousness, so that is what I am doing here today. I do not believe I am extraordinary for having had this type of experience – I believe most of us have at least one big wake-up call from Spirit during our life-time… It is just that we do not speak of it… and then we forget.

Neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander was a skeptic of anything that didn’t fall within the paradigm of science until a near death experience during a bacterial meningitis-induced coma.  During this coma he experienced many of the realms on the other side of the veil and life finally began to make sense to him.

Can you imagine how human evolution would speed up if we all began to re-member who we are and what life is all about? There is a golden thread of consciousness between your mind and your soul. This is the consciousness that is not dependent on the brain to function as Dr Alexander found out. At age six I found this out for myself…

I was a sensitive child, prone to daydreaming and often preferring the company of books to playing with my friends. The games other children played often seemed crude, alien and cruel to me. I remember one occasion when I ran as fast as I could from the playground to distance myself from the pain and cruelty. I was shaken to the core with grief at the suffering of an innocent creature and the cruelty of the other children as they were laughing while tormenting a beautiful green grasshopper, pouring sand over it and running it over with a bike for sport.

Night time was difficult for me. At dusk, a sense of dread would come over me. Lying in bed, I often saw spirit faces (what some would refer to as demons) hovering over me. They fed on fear while my physical body was paralysed in that state between waking and sleeping, no doubt. Being constricted by the physical body was difficult for me as a young child and I would often leave and move about outside my body but stick around the earth plane. I still remember having a bird’s eye view of things in the flat where we used to live. Very few nights were without nightmares and I also suffered from bouts of sleep paralysis.

My mother left with my younger sister when I was three and my father (R.I.P) struggled with coping on his own. A scientific genius with several patents for optics inventions under his belt, he suffered from impulse control issues and would at times fly into a blind rage that sometimes lead to physical abuse. Looking into his eyes when this happened was like seeing the light switched off and horrifying darkness descending…

A few years later (age six), I had a massive out-of-body experience which probably not only saved my life but also gave me unshakeable faith in a meaningful design of creation and also in the angels. I was lying in bed and once again the dreaded sleep paralysis set in but this time it was different – there were no demons… An invisible ‘hand’ gently lifted me out of my body and up into the Heart of Creation. There was nothing but pure bliss and love. I saw colours and geometric patterns not seen on earth and there were heavenly choirs singing. I don’t know how long this experience lasted in earth terms but I do know that I visited a limitless and timeless realm. I fell asleep peacefully that night, upon being returned to my body.

The experience remained vivid in my mind for many years and although the memory has faded slightly, I instantly recognise the experience in stories other people share about NDE‘s and OBE‘s. There was a reason for this happening. This experience alone was enough for me to hang in there through battling bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. It was the start of my spiritual healing journey.

Bessed be!