Three ‘Ultra Spiritual’ Practices for the Bin

ultra spiritual practices for the bin

Dear spiritual friends, before humanity can ascend (we ascend together or not at all), there are some ‘ultra spiritual’ attitudes and practices that we need to let go of. They have their root in spiritual bypass and denial of our own shadow, which in turn leads to projection and other forms of delusion. The first step is to become mindful of them and this can be tricky because they can be quite subtle and often do dress up as ‘Love and Light.’ 

The first issue I would like to address is subtle anger shaming. When people feel it’s not OK to be angry if you are spiritual, it makes it impossible for them to own their own anger. This in turn leads to projection and telling others how unenlightened they are for being angry (‘Watch that ego!’ is often wielded as spiritual weapon). Essentially, this is a classic example of trying to remove the speck from our neighbour’s eye and being in denial about the beam protruding from our own eye.

Here’s the thing, anger is a totally legit emotion. We do not need to shame ourselves for feeling angry. Heck, there are even times when anger is totally justified and gets us moving on the side of social justice. All we have to do is accept our feelings of anger and listen to them. Ask yourself ‘What is this anger telling me? What is out of whack? How can I channel this feeling constructively?’ This is also the appropriate response when facing the anger of others – Try to understand them instead of judging them for having the feeling because there is nothing spiritual at all about judging others for having completely human feelings.

Sometimes there is very little we can do about our anger other than go for a long-ish, hard-ish run because it is the ego-mind that is agitated by something utterly ridiculous. Other times, we need to dig a bit deeper. The anger could surface for deep healing to take place and that is totally wonderful when it happens!

But we can only harness the healing power of anger when we don’t go into judgment mode over it. There is a big difference between being discerning about the source of the anger and judging/blaming ourselves for it. The former leads to healing/transmutation – the latter leads to destructive behaviour and/or projection.

The second ‘ultra spiritual’ practice we need to let go of is subtle intention/attraction shaming. This one is particularly insidious in spiritual online communities because it is being circulated in the form of catchy memes that people mindlessly pass on, without realising how these memes encourage victim-blaming.

These simplistic memes assume that setting the intention of attracting good is independent of the circumstances people find themselves in. Life is so much more complex than that. Any meme that makes it easy for people to point a finger at someone and go ‘Ah well, you obviously didn’t set your positive intention firmly enough since you are being backstabbed/laid off/had your house burn down/came down with MS etc’ are neither helpful nor spiritual.

I spotted one such meme in my FB feed this morning and it is essentially what inspired this post because I got angry (good, healthy emotional response!) at how simplistic it was… and the most constructive use of this anger for me was to write about how we need to stop this asinine bullshit that has nothing to do with being spiritual.

The meme (surrounded by paste clouds) said: Did you know that your energy is a magnet that attracts to it whatever frequency you hold? All your intentions vibrate at a certain frequency. If you want to know why you attract a person or thing, have a good look at your intention. 

Yes, there are subtle frequency laws at play. No, it is not as simple as the meme above would have us believe. Bad things still happen to good people with the highest intention of doing only good for the Highest Good.

Would you say ‘Have a look at your intention’ to one of the Grenfell Tower survivors who is still homeless? No. Because your humanity (without the spiritual bypass) would disallow it. Instead you would offer them a more compassionate and spiritually appropriate response.

Finally, I want to bin subtle valuing of divine masculine spiritual practices as more ‘enlightened’ than nature-based and emotionally charged divine feminine spiritual practices. I believe this may even be the root of the denial/projection and victim blaming of the previous two ‘ultra spiritual’ practices. I also believe this is the root of the disrespect many major religions show toward Gaia and our environment. I’m not going to say much more about this other than beware of the hierarchy and watch out for this to be brought back into balance with the return of the divine feminine.

But because there aren’t any bins large enough for these unevolved practices, I suggest hiring the three UFOs in the picture above to take them to another dimension where they can be dealt with smoothly and appropriately. Type ‘Amen!’ in the comments below if you agree.

Angel Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Anyone who is mastering their pathway to attract what they intend will KNOW without a doubt it is not easy, even if it could be simple. We ALL come in with insidious, disastrous programs running in the background, and the key here indeed is COMPASSION. When I hear someone say, “Well, you obviously aren’t good enough at attracting” kind of BS, I know for a fact that NEITHER HAVE THEY!!! They say stuff like this to feel better about themselves even if only temporary. If they were truly the master at life, they would never be such a turd (so to speak)!! Go Lisa!

  2. Amen!
    That last one is subtle, and yet nefarious. It’s definitely related to the other two. I think it’s all part of the masculine competitive approach to life: which manifests as the ‘holier than thou’ attitude. Of course, women can be competitive, but there’s nothing like a testosterone fest for pissing in the corners to claim something 😀

  3. Your last one is my biggest pet peeve. Not all things happen for a reason, and that mindset makes for a toxic spirituality FAST. You can’t tell me that childhood rape was for my greater good, because firstly who are you to tell me that? And secondly, saying so puts you on the side of the abusers, and that’s never a good look for anyone.

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