9 Ways to Make the Most of Tonight’s Full Moon

full moon in virgo buddha

The Moon is Full in the sign of Virgo tonight at 18:19 UTC. It also happens to be the Day of Miracles in the Buddhist tradition.

The Virgo Full Moon is an auspicious time for purification and also for doing good works. Buddhists believe that you gain more merit for good works done on certain days and today is one of those days. Whether or not that is so, the Moon does affect us all and exactly how depends very much on which sign it is in. You can gain further information about how it will affect you specifically by looking at where the Full Moon falls in your natal chart.

In the Tarot, Virgo corresponds with The Hermit. The feel of his energy is that of a wise older person who is ready to leave all material pursuits behind in the search for wisdom. It is also the wise teacher returning from his hermit’s cave to transmit wisdom. The Minors under Virgo rule are the 8-10 of Pentacles.

On a physical level, the Virgo energy is very much tied in with the gut and digestion. Today is a good day for fasting (which I happen to be doing anyway thanks to the 5:2 Diet).

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (Archangel Raphael), just like Gemini… but unlike Gemini, Virgo has no interest in gathering bits of information just for the fun of it. What Virgo learns has to be useful, not just to self but to the community as a whole.

Bearing all of the above in mind, here are 9 (number of the Hermit) great ways to make the most of the Virgo Full Moon:

  1. Read a book, study and take notes. Choose a topic that will change your life long-term.
  2. Book yourself in for a workshop or a course. Any subject that will further your knowledge is great but in particular courses that will help you gain a better understanding of health and fitness or anything arty/craftsy that is also useful (8 of Pentacles).
  3. Start a new fitness regime. Now may be a better time for this than the New Year or it could be time for a reboot if you fell off the wagon. Using the power of the waning Moon over the next couple of weeks will be extra helpful in shifting excess weight. HIIT/HIT training is ideal.
  4. Fast. Try it for just one day or embark on a program of intermittent fasting. The long-term health benefits are astounding and even short-term (I’m on my third week) you notice positive changes.
  5. Detail-orientated work can get done to a higher standard during this time. Anything you have been putting off that demands an eye for detail, now’s the time!
  6. Working the lunar magick? Health and work spells are extra blessed on this Full Moon. Use a green candle and work with the crystals jade and peridot. Charge any of the Tarot cards mentioned above.
  7. Write down or document your family history in other ways for future generations (10 of Pentacles).
  8. Start a new recipe book with only healthy (and tasty!) recipes. Write everything by hand like your grandmother would and decorate it with future generations in mind.
  9. Go shopping for a yoga mat, new gym clobber or anything that will help you stay motivated on the path of health and fitness (9 of Pentacles).

Full Moon Blessings