How to Create Your Own Tarot Spells

How to Create Tarot Spells

how to create simple tarot spells

In the Tarot Geekery study group, one of the June-July Tarot book study choices was ‘Tarot Talismans‘ by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero. It’s been interesting to revisit some of the Ceremonial Magick stuff that I studied well over a decade ago. Sadly, I found that my appetite for complicated rituals had not been whetted. What I did develop an appetite for was creating tarot spells.

Casting a Tarot spell doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t even need to know a lot about the Tarot. The archetypal images themselves do the job. They are the bridge between our conscious awareness and the Anima Mundi (World Soul) via the unconscious part of our minds.

All You Need is Your Imagination

And more good news… Literally, all you need to cast a Tarot spell is a Tarot deck and your imagination. You don’t need a whole closet full of magickal paraphernalia and a room that you have decorated to be your ‘Temple.’

That said, you may find the following tools helpful:

  • A notebook/book of shadows
  • A candle
  • Your phone camera

I suggest dedicating a Tarot deck that you only use for magickal workings. You can do this by simply saying a prayer over the deck using your own words. If the deck has been previously used or if it feels off in any way, you may wish to cleanse it first.

Choosing the Right Cards for Your Tarot Spells

You can keep your Tarot spell creation simple and intuitive by choosing the card that visually best corresponds with your desire. OR you can work off astrological correspondences for the cards. There is a free download on the Tarot Resources page where you will find astrological correspondences for each of the 78 cards.

For instance, for the upcoming New Moon in Cancer, you may wish to cast a spell for your home-life to be blessed. You can either choose a card like the 4 of Wands which usually visually tells of a happy home where celebrations take place… Or you can choose one of the Cancer energy cards:

The most auspicious times to cast a spell is on the New Moon (for manifesting something new) and the Full Moon (for releasing an unwanted influence). If you are interested in Astrology, you may wish to work out the correct Planetary hour for casting your spell.

Casting a Magickal Circle

There are different schools of thought on casting a circle of protection before you begin your magickal working. I like to think of it more as a circle that helps focus the energy and keep it clear from outside influences. I believe the best form of protection is pure intent, i.e. the intent that your spell is for the Highest Good.

If you are in a natural sanctuary/sacred space you may not wish to cast a circle at all and that is perfectly fine.

However, if you do feel you might benefit from a bit of a screen between yourself and outside influences, casting the circle may be as simple as visualising a dome of light all around you that also extends down beneath the surface of the earth to form the second half of the dome. You can either sit in meditation and raise this dome of light, as well as extend it down into the ground… or you can walk around the perimeter of the circle, holding out your wand, staff, or athame, visualising a light coming out from the tip of your chosen tool. In the absence of tools, it is perfectly fine to use your index finger.

If you want to be a bit more elaborate and invoke the assistance of the Angelic realm, you may wish to try this Archangelic Tarot circle casting method.

Writing Your Tarot Spells

Write the spell in your sacred space after looking at the card and tuning into its energy. You may wish to invoke divine assistance before you begin by requesting the presence of your spirit guides, patron deity and/or guardian angels. At this point, you may wish to light a candle to welcome your spirit helpers.

Finding the right words for you is the start of setting the magick in motion. While it is not necessary to make your spell rhyme, I highly recommend it. There is a reason why witches use rhyme. Rhyme seems to open pathways from the mundane to the sacred. There is a reason it is better to speak your spell out loud. The vibration of your voice sets things into motion.

Sample Spell

Let’s say you pick the 3 of Cups for the New Moon in Cancer (13 July 2018) because you wish to manifest new friendships… You may write something along the lines of…

I wish for new friends on this New Moon.
I see kindred spirits coming to me soon.
We will be merry and have a lot of fun.
And now this Tarot spell is done!

It doesn’t have to be lengthy; the important thing is the feeling you put into the words you say. Repeat the spell three times or three times three, while holding your dominant hand over it. Keep the palm of your non-dominant hand turned up to receive and channel energy from Source.

Either place the Tarot card on your altar until your spell comes true or take a picture with your camera phone and make the charged card your screen saver.

Now, just casting the spell isn’t enough. You still have to make an effort to meet the right people but you can now do so in the awareness that you have full support from Spirit in the process… and that is way more fun, don’t you think?!

Make Notes

Write your spell down if you haven’t done so already and anything else about the ritual that you wish to be able to check back on. Only by writing everything down are we able to hone our Craft and figure out what truly works (and why).

If you cast a circle, don’t forget to take it down before you leave your sacred space. Thank any spirit helpers you invited and snuff or blow out the candle.

You may wish to clear the card’s energy before you put it back in the pack. You can do this by mindfully wiping it with a soft cloth or by passing it through a smudge bundle / palo santo (ethically sourced, of course!).


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