How to Make the Most of the Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon 2 August 2016

The New Moon is a time of sowing the seeds of intent (ideas/plans) in fertile psychic soil (your desire), ideally in the most auspicious celestial environment (planetary alignments) to make your seed take root and what you plant to bear fruit at some point in the, hopefully not too distant,  future.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a master occultist or ceremonial magician and know the ins and outs of planetary correspondences off by heart. It literally just means that you need to have a desire strong enough to channel the energy of that desire into the part of the manifestation process that goes on behind the scenes. Magick works on your subconscious mind to prevent it from tripping you up. Some also believe it can bend actual events and circumstances to help you achieve your goal. I leave that up to you to decide for yourself if it is something you believe in or not and rather than try to prove that it say, ‘Why not give it a whirl? What do you have to lose?’

Planetary days/hours and celestial events are always going to be secondary to your desire but since they are there and you can now find the knowledge for free on the WWW, you might as well use it, right?

6 of Wands in the Frideborg Tarot

The 2 August New Moon in Leo is ideal for any workings to gain recognition. Because it is happening on a Tuesday, shortly after Mars has finally started to move forward in Sagittarius, those of you looking to get the edge on the competition now have your chance if you feel like you have been treading water and winning is important to you. It is a second decan Leo New Moon, corresponding with the victorious 6 of Wands in the Tarot.

This New Moon trines Saturn (great for increased stability, not so great if you want to shirk responsibility) so you may have a heightened sense of timing for any opportunities that come your way as well as the discipline to take action rather than just daydream. Saturn provides a healthy check to the Leo tendency to over-indulge as well. Beware though, as Saturn in Sagittarius is still square Neptune in Pisces. Delusion, indecision, and dissolution are always possibilities when Neptune is involved.

The Moon rules Magick and Leo (ruled by the Sun) rules fame, leadership, success, vitality, children, courage, the heart, the spine, self-confidence, romance and self-indulgence. The corresponding Archangels for this lunation are Gabriel (the Moon) and Michael (the Sun). The corresponding archangels for anyone wishing to work with the second decan Tarot card (6 of Wands) are Michael (Leo/Sun) and Sachiel (Jupiter).

If your career goal is to establish yourself as an authority, you may also wish to consider invoking Archangel Cassiel (Ruler of Saturn) for any New Moon working.

The exact time of the 2 August Leo New Moon is 9.44 PM UK time. Anyone celebrating the New Moon on the East Coast of the US gets to do so at exactly 4.44 PM which is pretty cool since 444 is a number that means the Angels are with you.

For those of you interested in the influence of Black Moon Lilith during this lunation, I recommend this article I found on Darkstar Astrology.

For any spell to generate success/recognition, use the colour gold (Sun/Leo/Archangel Michael). To get the edge over the competition, use red (Mars/Archangel Camael) and to establish yourself as a highly respected authority in your field, use black (Saturn/Archangel Cassiel). If you wish to work with Archangel Sachiel (Jupiter) for career advancement or pay increase this New Moon, you would use the colour indigo/purple.

Other than the 6 of Wands, cards suitable for charging with your intent would be the 7 of Wands (Mars in Leo/Archangel Camael), Strength (Leo/Archangel Michael), The Sun (Sun/Archangel Michael), The World (Saturn/Archangel Cassiel.) and the Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter/Archangel Sachiel).

Check HERE to work out the ideal planetary hour.

The perfect quote for this lunation:

Courage is a love affair with the unknown.

Angel Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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