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Lion’s Gate Tarot Ritual

lion's gate tarot ritual

In today’s post, we are looking at how to do a little Lion’s Gate Tarot Ritual.

Tomorrow, 8/8 on an 8 numerology day (8+8+2+0+1+7=26/8), we have an exact alignment between the Sun, Earth and the star Sirius. Because this annual alignment happens in the month of Leo, it’s known as the Lionsgate Portal. Those of you with an interest in ascension work and ETs probably already know that the Sirians are gatekeepers for planet Earth and help us with the ascension process, together with other Star Nations, such as the Pleiadians and the Arcturians.

The portal is open for more than on day but tomorrow is when the energy is the strongest and it’s happening in the wake of a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This is when the light from Sirius lines up perfectly with the Great Pyramid at Giza. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we are dealing with strong celestial influences at this time.

How these energies will be expressed on an individual level depends entirely on where in the ascension journey you are. One thing to note though is that the ego will kick back and this goes for all of us, including those of us who have actively dedicated many years to clearing shadow issues. Having a heads-up on this will hopefully help the energy flow a bit smoother. As you know…

What we resist persists.

The same tips that I gave for the Lunar Eclipse apply here too. In addition to these tips, we can also look at how to harness the energy of the Lionsgate portal for the Highest Good. One of the clues on how to do this is found in the 888 numerology of the day. This Lionsgate portal brings an expansion of our awareness of what abundance truly means. Abundance means sharing.

These thoughts go completely against our current 3D thinking about abundance, where it is essentially about having more than the next person. More of us also awaken to our infinitely abundant Source and begin to see abundance as something that flows from this Source which is located within, rather than something we need to hunt down and drag home from the outside. To be in flow with Source IS to be abundant. Love is abundance and abundance is Love.

Leo energy is heart-centred energy and the heart chakra is our love magnet. It is through the heart we generate abundance for everyone. The more we sprinkle kindness all around us, the more we expand the heart chakra and the more expanded our heart chakra is the more abundance flows through it…

Strength and The Star from the Frideborg Tarot

Tarot Numerology

In the Tarot, the Leo energy card happens to be Major Arcana Key number 8 Strength. Interestingly, the other 8 vibration card in the Tarot deck, The Star (1+7=8), happens to be the card corresponding to the Full Moon in Aquarius lunar eclipse. Aquarius, as you may know, is the most humanitarian of all the signs.

As any metaphysician would suspect, these two cards unlock the secret of abundance. The kindness and compassion (including toward the Shadow self) of Strength combine with the humanitarian forward-thinking and generosity of The Star.

“An abundant mind is a mind rooted in faith in Self as Love.”

We can use the Strength and Star cards to attune ourselves to this energy in ritual.

Lion’s Gate Portal Tarot Ritual to Open the Heart Chakra

Suggested supplies:

  • 1 candle (white or gold)
  • a Tarot deck
  • journal and pen
  • your smartphone

As you can see, I like to keep my rituals quite minimalist as it strengthens the focus. Cleanse yourself and your space physically and energetically before you begin. The latter can be done through smudging with frankincense, palo santo or white sage.

Cast a circle and call in the quarters if this is something you normally do. Otherwise, simply ground, centre and visualise yourself in a dome of light. This dome extends several feet above your head and reaches into the ground below your feet.

Light the candle and welcome Spirit in by whatever name you know it. Locate the Strength and Star cards in the deck and place them in front of you. Soften your gaze and look a the cards. Visualise a lemniscate shape that flows between and connects the card, with the middle point of the lemniscate right between the cards.

I AM Love

Breathe in and repeat silently in your mind ‘I AM’ on the outside of the figure eight and as you breathe out and slide down toward the middle of the figure eight, silently say ‘Love.’ Keep tracing figure eight to connect the energy of these two cards. Tracing the figure eight harmonises the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

Then lie down with your back on the floor, legs outstretched, placing the cards over your heart chakra and continue the figure eight breath with the ‘I AM Love’ mantra. Visualise a bright, golden figure eight in your heart chakra as you keep breathing and repeating the mantra. Keep going until you can visualise the golden light moving brightly along the figure eight and then continue for another couple of minutes until you experience an expansion of your heart chakra.

Visualise a golden light filling your heart chakra. See how it begins to expand out, first filling your aura, then the room and then the whole planet Earth. Know that abundance belongs to us all because we are all one.

We Are One

Rest in the peace of this sense of Oneness for a while before you pull your energy back in. Take a few deep breaths to bring your awareness back into your body. Wriggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes. Make a journal entry and take a picture of your ritual space to remind you of the intent to expand your heart chakra – keep it as your screensaver until at least the next New Moon!

Give thanks, extinguish the candle and conclude your ritual by closing the circle if you cast one at the start of the ceremony.

Feel free to adapt this ritual in any way you see fit.


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