Taurus Full Moon Tarot

A Taurus Full Moon Co-Creation Tarot Spread

Taurus Full Moon Tarot

The Magickal Taurus Full Moon

‘Manifesting’ is a popular term in the New Age. As far as Full Moons go, the Taurus Full Moon is perhaps the most auspicious for manifesting new things in the material realm. It is quite synchronistic then that a discussion about LOA and manifestation started in one of the online groups I belong to. A couple of us agreed that co-creation is a better term since none of us are an island and in reality can manifest very little in the physical realm all on our own.

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Whether we build something new all by ourselves or not, the resources we use are created not by us but by the Divine and so we all have to rely on grace in some form or another. This is true about even our own bodies – A humbling thought if there ever was one!

Time of the 2017 Taurus Full Moon

The exact time of the Full Moon is 5:22 AM, Saturday 4 November GMT. Friday night is a good time to work with this energy though. Fridays are ruled by Archangel Anael, Guardian of Venus, ruler of Taurus. The Taurus Full Moon energy extends three days in either direction of the exact time of the Moon being full.

Taurus Energy Tarot Cards

One of the most auspicious Tarot cards you could hope to get for co-creating your desires is the Moon in Taurus 6 of Disks/Pentacles. In the Thoth Tarot, we see that all the other Planets are lining up to help as well…

6 of Disks Thoth Tarot Moon in Taurus

As you can see the title Crowley chose for this card is ‘Success’ – What’s not to love about that!?

In the Major Arcana, the card representing Taurus in the Golden Dawn system of correspondences is The Hierophant. The ruling planet, Venus, is symbolised by The Empress.

The Empress and The Hierophant Tarot

There is disagreement about which of the Tarot court cards carries the Taurus energy but for me it is definitely the Knight of Pentacles who feels most like fixed Earth, even though the RWS King of Pentacles has the symbols of Taurus decorating his throne… As for Court Card correspondences I’m more aligned with the Thoth system and the information Liz Hazel provides in her book The Tarot Decoded.

Knight and King of Pentacles Tarot Taurus Full Moon

A Taurus Full Moon Tarot Spread

Taurus Full Moon Tarot Spread for Co-creation

This Tarot spread is inspired by the 6 of Disks from the Thoth Tarot. Choose card number 1 face up. This card represents what you wish to manifest or co-create. Let’s say you would like more friendship in your life. In this case, you would place the 3 of Cups or 6 of Swords in the middle of this spread. Then you would shuffle, cut and deal as usual for positions 2-7.

  1. What You Wish to Co-create
  2. Saturn – A challenge or an imposed limiting influence imposed you must overcome
  3. Jupiter – A positive influence or help that you will be getting in the process of co-creating
  4. Venus – How to use your own charisma to co-create what you desire
  5.  Moon – Subconscious influences, a fear that is blocking you/shadow issue
  6. Mercury – How your communication could be improved to help you manifest your desired goal
  7. Mars – Where you need more courage or where you will have to stand your ground

If you like, you can also pull an oracle card for further spiritual guidance about your co-creation goal.

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