11 Favourite Female Tarot Artists on International Women’s Day

Because it is International Women’s Day and because Pamela Coleman Smith died in poverty in spite of being the artist of the iconic Smith-Waite Tarot, I am featuring 11 of my favourite Tarot artists today. 

First out, of course, is Pamela aka ‘Pixie’ herself, here with the four Queens from the Centennial version, which is thought to have the colouring closest to what Pixie had intended.

The artist of the Thoth Tarot was from a more privileged background. Though not a fan of Crowley, I’m a big fan of the art of Frieda Harris. Pictured below are the four queens from the large (OOP) Thoth Tarot

Let’s move on to contemporary artists. First out we have Gabi West, whose Tarot and oracle decks are inspired by tattoo art. Here we have the original (not mass produced) Bonefire Tarot Queens…

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law is the artist behind the beautiful and lyrical Shadowscapes Tarot. Behold the glory of the four Queens of the Realm.

Next up we have one of my favourite faery-themed Tarot decks (tied for first place with the next deck), the Hidden Realm Tarot by Julia Jeffrey. Her Faery Queens are so wonderfully alive!

And here is the other favourite faery-themed deck I wanted to share with you… The artist behind the Faerie Tarot is Nathalie Hertz. Her Queens have a way of being very direct about the truth.

Monicka Clio Sakki always delights me with her art. Here are the four Queens from her Sakki-Sakki Tarot. These Queens often provide an alternative perspective.

I must admit that I find the Chrysalis Tarot confusing to work with because all the suits have been renamed and some of the cards have been given very alternative meanings to say the least. However, Holly Sierra’s artwork speaks for itself… Look at the beauty of these four Queens!

Jennifer Galasso (visit her site to find out which Tarot archetype YOU are!) is the creatrix behind the sweet and mystical Crystal Visions Tarot. These four Queens can readily take you on journeys to foreign realms and make for great character prompts if you are writing a fantasy novel.

Next up we have the After Tarot by Giulia F. Massaglia. Look closely at these Queens. What they are doing in the four cards below, is what happens seconds or minutes after what you see in the original Smith-Waite Tarot.

And finally… my absolute favourite, the Thelema Tarot by Renata Lechner. These four Queens live in an enchanted realm that I wish not just to visit but to live in permanently.

Do you feel female artists are fairly compensated for their work? How about female Tarot readers? Who is YOUR favourite female artist? I know I have left some great ones out so please feel free to give them a shout out in the comments!

Happy International Women’s Day and Goddess Bless!

Lisa Frideborg

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