7 Unusual Things You Can Do with the Tarot

7 Unusual Things You Can Do with the Tarot

We all have an idea of what a Tarot reader is and what they do. In most people’s minds, Tarot readings fall into the ‘spooky’ fortune-teller category. In today’s article, we are going to look at 7 unusual things that you can do with the Tarot cards that have nothing to do with Tarot readings.

Many wrongly think that Tarot readers can read minds or have other supernatural powers. In media, whenever someone throws down the cards on the table, we rarely see other cards than the ones thought to portend doom and gloom, i.e. Death, The Tower, and The Devil… with the occasional Hanged Man thrown in for good measure, so the spooky element is firmly cemented in the minds of most people. To sum things up, what most people who are not ‘Tarocated’ seem to agree on is that a Tarot reader is someone who predicts the future with Tarot cards… and unless you wish to hear ‘bad news,’ you are better off staying away from the cards.

Not a fortune-telling tool

In reality, not all Tarot readers use the Tarot for predictive readings. Many choose to instead focus on inner work and problem resolution. It is actually more fruitful work with the Tarot since the future isn’t set in stone. When it comes to the future, it is better by far to trust in the providence of Spirit. For these reasons, many Tarot readers have a strong focus on coaching or counselling.

What we wish for as Tarot readers is to empower our clients to make better choices, choices that fully align them with their Path and calling. Some of us mix this type of reading with predictive readings, being careful to leave room for choice if the outcome is not to the Seeker’s liking. We also make a point of explaining the meaning of the ‘scary cards.’ And, to be perfectly honest, there are no scary cards.

Today, just to help you gain a new perspective on what the Tarot is and what you can do with it other than predict or prescribe, I thought we’d look at 7 unusual ways to use the cards.

Becoming more intuitive

Develop your intuition. The reason you can develop your intuition with the Tarot cards is that they speak to us in symbols and archetypes, the language of the psyche. When we spend enough time tuning into these symbols and creating stories around them, we start looking at the world around us in a slightly different way… We begin to discover synchronicities and see ‘clues’ or divine messages all around us. A systematic way of developing your intuition with the Tarot is to work with the Four Elements. Check out the Intuitive Tarot Reading Course if you are interested in learning more about this!


Vibrational medicine. Did you know that just as you can use flowers to make vibrational essences for emotional healing, you can use tarot cards for the same purpose? Find out how to make a Tarot Essence for complementary healing or to manifest a specific goal HERE.


Play card games. The Tarot didn’t start as a tool for fortune tellers. It started as a game of cards for the rich and privileged, in the days before the printing press. We’re going back to the 1400s and the Mediterranean region. One famous such deck which is almost completely preserved for posterity is the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck. This deck was commissioned for a wedding between the wealthy and powerful Visconti and Sforza families in Milan, around 1451. The structure of the Marseille Tarot was influenced by the Visconti Tarot. The most famous game using Tarot cards is Tarock (click HERE for the rules). This game is still popular in many southern European countries.


Magic & Manifestation. The Tarot cards work with our subconscious mind to remove blocks to manifestation and to strengthen the intent. CLICK HERE for a primer on how to start casting Tarot spells.


Tarot chakra meditations. You can use the Tarot cards to heal and boost your chakras. Here is ONE way of doing this.


Cast a circle. Those choosing to work with other tools than the Tarot deck for spellcasting can still use the Aces from the Tarot deck to cast their circle of protection. You simply place the Ace of Swords (Air) in the East, the Ace of Wands (Fire) in the South, the Ace of Cups (Water) in the West and the Ace of Pentacles (Earth) in the North moving in a clockwise direction. To close the circle, you simply gather the cards back in, starting in the North – Don’t forget to give thanks to the Guardians/Archangels of the Elements!


Creative writing. Many writers use the Tarot for inspiration all the way through their project/novel while others just reach for the cards when they get a bit stuck. CLICK HERE and HERE to learn about using the Tarot for creative writing. And if you like to learn strange facts about the Tarot, you will love THIS POST!

What is YOUR favourite unusual, non-predictive way of using the Tarot cards?


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