The Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount

Deck Interview with the Incidental Tarot

the incidental tarot

You would think I do nothing but deck interviews since this is the third one in a row now on the blog, but I assure you that this is purely incidental (pun intended) as I happened to receive three gorgeous decks in the past few days.

To be honest, I thought I would have to wait a bit longer for the Incidental Tarot which is the product of an Indiegogo project I supported last year, so kudos to Holly DeFount for getting all the decks out there so quickly. I can only imagine all the work that went into that!

Lucky no. 45

This is a small production and my copy was number 45/160 in this very limited edition. Boy, do I feel lucky! This deck surpassed my wildest hopes in terms of the brightness of the colours and the quality of the cardstock. It also came beautifully packaged with a few extras as you can see in the picture below.

I was lucky enough to be able to sit and admire the cards and have a little play with them in the sun this afternoon. It was a healing experience. These cards have gentle and playful energy which is just what the doctor ordered for me right now as I am going through some difficult stuff in my personal life.

Quite a few of the Major Arcana cards have different names to the traditional ones and there are also two extra cards “Talismans”: Labyrinth (Opportunity) and Ariadne (Guide) – both gorgeous and potentially useful… I have yet for them to show up in a reading though.

The four Minor Arcana suits have new names as well: Wands are Arrows, Cups are Roses, Swords are Quills and Pentacles are Oaks. The Minors are beautifully illustrated non-scenic pips. I find that I don’t miss the scenic number cards thanks to the bright colours and just by virtue of how pretty the cards are. They manage to speak volumes…

Deck Interview with the Incidental Tarot

 1. Describe yourself in three words – XIII Death

Powerful, colourful, midwife (of souls – but you got that, right?)

 2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – I The Red King (trad. The Magician)

Brilliant, communicator, instigator

 3. What gift do you bring? – The Five of Oaks (Pentacles)

I am a bright light in sorrowful times. I bring abundance to barren hearts and souls. I’m the friendly hand beckoning you in from the cold so that you can warm your frostbitten toes by the fire while I make you a bowl of chicken soup.

 4. What do you expect in return? – Seven of Roses (Cups)

That you remember that at the core you are completely pure and innocent. I would also love for you to see that innocence in every soul on your path.

 5. How can you help me serve?- The Arrow Key (Ace of Wands)

I bring you a clear understanding of things. You will not need to doubt the inspiration you receive when you use me as your tool. You will know things without knowing how you know them. This is possible because the same creative spark that birthed me is at the very core of you also. We are powerfully connected. Expect the inspiration to flow!

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – Six of Roses (Cups)

I am like an old friend that you haven’t seen since childhood. I remind you of hours of drawing, colouring in and writing stories and poems to go with your pictures. You can feel totally relaxed in my company because we do already know each other.

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  1. Well, I hadn't even seen the comments about the last batches on etsy. I just clicked through there, and found one 😀 I saw this deck a while ago, but was put off by the non-illustrated pips. Still, seeing what you did with them, and the way that they do say a lot with colour and composition, changed my mind 🙂 Lovely interview, Lisa, and most enabling 😉

  2. Thanks, Marina. I'm loving the bright colours too! I've just been told that Holly DeFount will have some decks up for sale in her Etsy shop soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested as they're likely to sell like hot cakes! I will certainly be using the deck lots on the blog.

  3. Lisa, I didn't know about this deck, but just looking at the picture you posted made me curious about it! I love bright and colorful decks! This looks like a tarot I could like…

    I hope to see you using it here in your blog! 🙂

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