Remember Sarah - Bypassing Lunar Gatekeeping for Conception

Remember Sarah – Bypassing Lunar Gatekeeping for Conception

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A Channelled Message

Beloveds, things are changing on planet Earth. Humans are being prevented from reproducing on a mass scale. I’m not going to go into the biochemistry of how conception is being hindered now. Use your God-given imagination for that part.

What I will talk about is that as of the Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, a great liberation is taking place. This liberation has very little to do with the power of the Moon. It does have everything to do with critical mass being reached in terms of humanity awakening. Nevertheless, the eclipse itself is a prophetic sign that the critical mass has been achieved.

Luna is associated with both the female reproductive cycle and with actual conception in all known cultures. This is in and of itself not strange considering that the female menstrual cycle follows a lunar pattern.

However, in the Age of the Holy Spirit, this pattern will cease. It will cease for two reasons, one of darkness and the other of the Light. Firstly, it will cease in many females who have had their natural reproductive cycle tampered with chemically. Secondly, it will cease in supralunar females who have come in with soul contracts for the Golden Age of the Holy Spirit. The first type of human being will slowly begin to die out now.

The Crystalline Female Body

There is a finesse to this plan. The women who are still able to conceive will be labelled infertile by the dark powers that seek to depopulate because of greed. The reason for this label is, of course, that outward signs of fertility will no longer be present in either of the two groups. However, the crystalline structure of the Cupbearers of the Age of Holy Spirit obliterates the need for those signs to be present.

The crystalline structure is the same DNA upgrade that was given to Sarah, Abraham’s wife so that she could conceive at a very old age. All Starseeds and Cupbearers have the ability to download these upgrades now. However, we must consciously ‘uncouple’ energetically with the Moon first. Lunar craft is slave-craft. Upgrade to starcraft now.

Sarah is not the only female human to have received such a DNA upgrade throughout history, of course. There are many others. And there are healers present on Earth at this time to facilitate the upgrades.

The transmission has ended.


This was a surprise channelling/transmission for me. I had been thinking about the upcoming Moon and wondering what is going on with women’s reproductive health at the moment. It looks like Spirit chose to answer with a message meant for the human collective. I would love to hear how this resonates and if others are receiving similar messages.


Lisa Frideborg

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