The War & Peace Tarot Spread

Mars stationing direct Tarot spread

Late tonight, Mars stations direct after having been retrograde since 17 April. This has been a turbulent couple of months both from a global perspective and interpersonally. Here in the UK, we are now living in a post-Brexit referendum era, with all the turbulence that brings. Many personal relationships have also suffered and groups of people have become increasingly more polarised. This is all-natural since Mars is a planet of war, rule-breaking, and destruction… but on the positive side, it can also lend us the courage to truly own our power.

As Mars stations direct, we would do well to contemplate what has happened thus far. We can do this with a bit of help from the Tarot which acts as the mirror of the soul to those who do not shy away from their own shadow. This Tarot can help you identify any self-destructive tendencies. It pinpoints the recent lesson around courage, and how we may be giving our power over to others. Finally, it reveals how our devotion to a cause, path or person may be motivating us now for better or worse.

Although this spread was created directly for a specific celestial event, it can be adapted to be used after any particularly turbulent time in your life.

Phobos and Deimos

In the picture above you see Mars, with its two moons Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror). These are the two demons we need to face head-on if we wish to liberate ourselves from the self-destructive influence of Mars.

In the Tarot, The Tower is the card corresponding with Mars. You may wish to spend a minute or two contemplating the energy and lessons associated with his card before you do the spread. Those of you who work with Angels may wish to light a red candle and invoke the assistance of Archangel Camael/Samael, ruler of Mars.

It is important to understand that there is nothing to fear. Fear is a delusional state. While this Tarot spread can be seen as ‘damage limitation,’ the ultimate objective of reading with this spread is to help you free yourself from all fear, worry, or anxiety. The first step to being able to release any fear is to be able to observe it with detachment.

Positional Meanings for the War & Peace Tarot Spread

  1. Area of your life where Mars lessons have had the most (self-)destructive impact
  2. The challenge you were meant to rise to (think in terms of courage and owning your power, relating to theme given here)
  3. How this played out in ways you are aware of 
  4. How this played in ways you are not aware of
  5. Where the fear demon is surfacing next as you move forward after this retrograde. This card will point to a golden opportunity for you to keep growing by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Any time a planet shifts from retrograde to direct, a new opportunity arises and with every new opportunity, we face a new set of fears if we wish to keep growing. The level of fear may be anything from mild anxiety or self-doubt to pure terror. The intensity of the emotion may not show here, as this card only shows you in which arena the opportunity will play itself out, so take a moment to tune into your emotions with complete honesty.
  6. How to feel the fear and do it anyway. This is purely action advice about how to step into your power, specific to the opportunity that is now presenting itself. To free yourself from fear completely you must also engage in daily meditation practice which helps you become the Observer so that you can free your mind from any delusions and destructive thought patterns.

Invoke Grace

Because this is one of the ‘harsher’ types of readings you can do, it may be beneficial to invoke a bit of grace and help from divine helpers and pull a ‘grace card’ from an Angel oracle or other type of oracle containing only positive, uplifting message. Place the grace card at the top of the spread and meditate on how to integrate this energy with the lessons that surface through the Tarot.

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