the wyld godde emperor

The Wyld Godde Tarot Emperor

The tarot Emperor has become an emblem of civilisation as well as of power. That’s because powerful men created our current version of society. For thousands of years, they shaped our reality and handed us the imperial version of Christianity and many other religions.

But there is another Emperor, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. And the Wyld Godde Emperor seeks to capture his power to break down what is already starting to crumble now. This King of Kings shows us how to build a civilisation on the power of love rather than on the oppression of those who are weaker.

I’m talking about the King of Kings who went into the temple and smashed the merchants’ tables. I’m talking about the Lord who didn’t think it beneath him to wash his disciples’ feet. He is the teacher of a religion that does not condemn the adulteress but does condemn the legalism and cold-heartedness of the Pharisees. And he was a wyld revolutionary. That’s why they killed him. He upset the status quo of an imperialist civilization founded on oppression.

Social Justice and the Wyld Godde Emperor

We must forever link the power to act on social injustice out of love with The Emperor card or we do not have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the end of this age. It’s not about ‘smashing the patriarchy’ and usurping power by limiting the freedom of those who supported it. It’s about setting everybody free through the power of love and forgiveness. The King of Kings showed us how.

Blind obedience gets us nowhere. Blind obedience to any dualistic, binary programme is part of matrix programming. It keeps us deaf to the still small voice within. But deep down, we yearn to obey the law of Spirit, the law of love written on our hearts. This ‘law’ is total freedom to act on the love of God that moves through all living beings. This means standing up for those who are innocent, defenceless and oppressed. And it means looking for new and better ways to rebuild society in the wake of the destruction by the most current incarnations of those powerful men.

Our faith was never meant to be a private matter. Our faith has to be able to lay foundations for everything in society to be of service to those who most need it. In the New Testament, they are labelled widows and orphans but I’m sure you can think of others in need. The homeless war veteran, the drug addict with CPTSD who can’t recover because they can’t find a safe environment to do so, etc etc.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Emperor

  • What is your relationship with civilisation and the phase we are currently moving through collectively?
  • Which social justice causes are you most passionate about?
  • Who is your role model in terms of lovingly championing those causes?
  • What is your relationship with authority figures? Do you pray for them?
  • How about your relationship with freedom? Is there tension between authority and freedom within? Where in the body is this tension located?
  • Do you experience the Creator as more authoritarian or loving?
  • How does your experience of God/Source (ultimate authority) influence how free you feel to express your will and purpose?
love raven liora

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