The Tarot of the Wyld Godde Strength card is inviting us to examine our dopamine addiction and how to become reconnected to what matters.

Tarot of the Wyld Godde Strength

wyld godde strength tarot card

Most humans are decent and most humans want peace on earth. So why do the rulers of nations and those in high places seem so keen on starting wars? The traditional Strength tarot card depicts a beautiful maiden taming a ferocious lion. Strength symbolises the struggle between the ego (lion) and the Self (maiden). In the Wyld Godde Tarot Strength card, I want to capture the global impact this struggle has.

Those who have risen to positions of power are mostly either slaves to their egos or to some kind of Satanic force. They keep the rest of us mesmerised with their lies and games to divide us against each other. The question is how they have been able to do this with such ease. Could the answer be dopamine addiction?

A person who is strong, grounded and proactive rather than reactive has found a way of short-circuiting that dopamine addiction. This does not serve the elites. They do all they can to keep us addicted via the foods they produce and the entertainment they provide.

The less we think for ourselves and the less connected to Source and each other we are, the better it is for them. But many are awakening to how the system has been rigged. Some of us have long since weaned ourselves off the processed garbage they have the temerity to call food and got rid of our tell-lie-visions.

The Strength of the Individual

The strength of those in power has no eternal value. They serve the fear machine aka The Beast and not Love/Godde. Only love is eternal. But love is weak in the world right now. Peace warriors are few and far between.

The rich and powerful have successfully divided the population up and sorted them into a red pile and a blue pile. They couldn’t give a rat’s tale which one you land in as long as you land in one of them. They simply want us to fear and hate each other. That is how they feed their invisible masters.

The Strength archetype teaches us the true strength of the individual. In our dopamine-fasted, reconnected state, we are naturally indivisible, compassionate, attuned to oneness/the Highest Good and capable of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Dopamine Fasts Facilitate Reconnection

Whereas fasting from dopamine can facilitate a reconnection with Godde/Source, religion in and of itself doesn’t have that power. Religion has been shaped and used by the elites for too long and to their own ends, which is to say it has been used exactly like politics. That’s not to say that you cannot remain inside a religious framework and still successfully be connected to Spirit and your fellow humans.

But it means that you are mostly on your own when it comes to finding and maintaining that connection. Because most religious leaders simply aren’t aware of the missing part of the jigsaw. Most of them are still reactive to ‘the noose’ (news) and fall prey to the agenda of media programming. They are full-on dopamine addicts and they don’t even know it.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Tarot Strength Card

  • Are you more proactive than reactive on any given day?
  • What fasting or other practices do you engage in on a regular basis that serves to break your dopamine addiction?
  • How compassionate are you toward yourself and others?
  • What level of peace do you experience on a daily basis?
  • What is your connection with Self and Godde/Source like?
  • How connected do you feel to Nature and other living beings?
  • What is your main strength when it comes to helping others feel more connected?
love raven liora

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