This is one of the most often asked questions I get as a Tarot Reader.  It is hard to move on without knowing the answer if we still love the one who left, even if we know in our minds that moving on is for the best.

In some cases, when it’s clear that you have had a narrow escape, it might be better to suggest cord cutting rather than looking into if the abuser will be back… but in the end it’s not for the reader to judge. We all have free will and it is a well-known fact that many many people on this planet choose to live in co-dependent and/or toxic relationships.

Sometimes relationships fall apart and we are quick to judge the other person, blaming the breakdown on them when really we know that it takes two and you are just as responsible as they for creating the dynamic you had and that led to the breakdown.

Anyone who has been around for a while will want to avoid taking sides when the relationships of friends fall apart for this very reason. Those who do take sides often had a vested interest in seeing the relationship end to begin with, or they are manipulated into taking sides. There are ways to supporting the one who is hurting without playing the blame game, and I say that having lived long enough to play every position in the field…

But I digress. I woke up this morning with the image of a door-shaped spread in my head:

If what you desire deep down is hidden behind a magic door, what would the door look like? What kind of lock would it have? What is the key like? Are you holding the key? What is the handle like? What does it feel like to push the door open and step through?

Granted, if applied to the desire to reconnect with an ex, this implies that unlocking the door to an AWOL lover is in our control. We all know it isn’t as simple as that.

However, the cards can give us clues about what we can and can’t do to reconnect in this situation. The Magic Door Spread truly is a magical spread in that it sheds light on all aspects of the desire to reconnect as well as the best way forward (if there is one).

Magic Door Tarot Spread - Will He Come Back?

1. Your motivation – The first card shows you the real underlying reason for your desire to reconnect. It indicates if you want them back to soothe a bruised ego or if there is true love there. It tells you if you feel that you didn’t learn all you needed to learn or if you are just struggling with letting go.

2. & 3. What you had – These two cards represent the relationship dynamic you had in the past and sheds further light on the first card.

4. The handle – This card shows you what action you would need to take to reconnect. A card such as The Hanged Man shows that it won’t matter what you do, you’ll just have to surrender and wait for the future to unfold. Look for the Fire (Wands+Majors) and Air (Swords+Majors) cards to indicate that taking action will pay off.

5. The lock – This is the main challenge/obstacle that lies between you and your AWOL lover.

6. An outside influence currently affecting the situation – No need to elaborate.

7. 8. & 9. What lies on the other side of the door – This signifies how things might turn out if you did get back together.

10. The key – If you received a green light for using that door handle, then this is the key that unlocks the lock and gives you the understanding you need to open the door.


Blessed be!


213 thoughts on “The Ultimate “Will He Come Back?” Tarot Spread”

  1. Hi can i ask as the Ace pentacles being my last card is that a good or bad thing? Will i ever hear from him again?

    Thank you

  2. I love your blog and I religiously come to your page when I do readings. I’m working on my craft and I thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    My cards

    1: 9 of cups
    2-3: The Sun and 5 of wands
    We had a great time and there was the battle of the egos and over control. I realize I need to soften a little. The love was real … I don’t do relationships or believe in love much and with him I softened but I got scared too!

    4: Page of Pentacles
    5: Death
    6: 9 of Swords (I pull this card for him often)

    7,8,9: 7 of swords / Reversed: queen of swords / the fool.

    10: 4 of cups

    I see some good in the reading but I also see bad … Can you help me decipher the next steps. The death card could mean transformation but I don’t want to disillusion myself if it means it’s over. The reversed queen of swords is me … I can be catty with my words… I’m a Scorpio woman I lure them in and then pounce when I’m hurt. He actually just.stop.talking after our last fight! The 7 of swords … He’s a private person to the point of insanity at times(Cancer men typically are) The fool makes sense for the both of us … A need for being carefree and fun.

    Im just not completely sure how to take this spread … Especially for myself because I’m way to close to the situation. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi Lisa
    I wanted to ask a question about the queens. I have always thought I was the Queen of Wands and would say her description fits me. However over the last 3 months, the Queen of cups keeps coming up. Initially I was totally puzzled by her, she came up in a number of different questions but now I have read up on her she actually fits me … i am a pisces female and very very (very very :)) emotional, at times to a fault. i over think EVERYTHING and at the moment my life is very stressful with things that are happening within it, work and love wise which is making me even more like the Queen of Cups. My question is do you think you can swop from one queen to another at different times in your life, or/and do you think I am more the queen of cups than wands?
    Sorry if this question is long winded or in the wrong place 🙂
    Thank you (as always)

    1. Hi Tami, you can definitely swap between different Queens or even be a combination of all of them – Ideally, we should aspire to embody the best qualities of each of the Courtiers (yes, the males ones too!) in order to be well-rounded human beings. If you are feeling extremely Watery at the minute, perhaps you can find ways of balancing yourself with more Fire and also stay grounded (Earth).

      1. Thank you 🙂 That really makes sense, and that is what my gut instinct said. And thank you for your quick response as always!! I LOVE this site!!

  4. Hi Lisa Marie

    im new to this site as well as tarot this is what i got
    1st magician
    2)8 of pentacles
    3)the emperor
    4)ace of wands
    5)5 of pentacles reversed
    6)the hermit reversed
    7)7 of wands
    8)3 of wands reversed
    9)8 of wands
    10)5 of swords
    if you could give me some feedback of understanding on this would be greatly appreaciated 🙂

    1. Hi Jenna, this is an advanced spread and probably not a great one to try if you are new to Tarot. If you would like to have a read through all the meanings in the INDEX and then come back to me with one or two specific, tarot-related questions, I may be able to help. I simply don’t have time to do a whole spread interpretation here.

  5. Can someone please help me interpret what I got for this spread?
    1. Eight of Cups
    2. Queen of Pentacles
    3. Nine of Pentacles
    4. The Hanged Man Reverse
    5. Four of Wands
    6. The World
    7. Four of Pentacles
    8. Seven of Cups
    9. Four of Swords
    10. The Sun

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I recently signed up for your website, I read so many of everyone else’s posts to help with my own cards so I just figured I would sign up! I have a few questions about my spread I did.
    3-..5 pent
    4-..Ace wand
    5-..6 wand
    7-..9 pent
    8-..8 wand
    9-..7 wand

    My question was if the hanged man is the outcome (which I had gotten twice before) does that mean there is nothing I can do about it?

    I had taken action and had tried to initiate conversation like the Ace of Wands had advised me to do and I got nothing. So I’m curious as to how this is asking me to go about it?

    Thank you, Lacey

    1. Hi Lacey,

      Sometimes, the urge to initiate contact is there for us, because it is in our own nature to reach out and want to shed light on a situation. This impulse has to be honoured and may or may not lead to a response from the other person. Contemplate how the sacrifical nature of the Hanged Man fits with the pride of the 6 of Wands. I often see the 6 of Wands as the lock and it almost invariably signifies pride getting in the way of a resolution/reconciliation.

  7. Hello Lisa,

    I tried your spread and this is my reading:

    1- three of wands
    2+3- nine of swords/reversed hanged man

    4- seven of wands
    5- ten of swords
    6- magician

    7+8+9- two of swords/ace of cups/hierophant
    key: reversed king of cups

    This is how I interpreted the last 3 cards+key:
    If I open the door to him in my life again certain issues and decisions will be avoided/ignored, there would be a real need of stability and love… the key shows him as having emotional issues, too little or too much or being manipulative.

    My question is : if my interpretation is right, does he want more from me and potentially manipulating me emotionally, or am I intruding on his life making things emotionally difficult for him to deal with and to move on?

    Just doubting, I don’t want my personal feelings to cloud my interpretation…
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jay, I can see you wanting to do the right thing here… but looking at what you actually had together (9 Swords + Hanged Man Rx), I don’t see there being anything to build on – especially not with the lock being the 10 of Swords. It’s saying this chapter is closing. I wouldn’t read this spread with reversals, btw… and I wouldn’t see the Key as being him. The Key is an action you need to take.

  8. Hi there! Just attempted 10 card door read..
    Attempted being operative word!!!! Having trouble interpreting it…Can U please help?…S.O.S.. Top row cards 1 – 3 as follows…
    1 – Queen cups
    2 – 5 pentacles
    3 – 3 swords

    Second row
    4 – 8 wands
    5 – King wands
    6 – 5 cups

    Third row
    7 – Page wands
    8 – 9 cups
    9 – 9 swords
    10th card 10 swords

    Your expertise would be much appreciated…Cheers Mari

    1. If you could ask one or two specific tarot-related questions about portions of the spread you struggle with it would be much appreciated, Mari. I simply don’t have time to analyse the whole spread. Cheers

    2. Hi Lisa…I have 2 tarot decks & 3 books on tarot & between them I get confused…I just was wondering if overall is there enough love here for any possible soul reconnection..we have 2 adult children & a dear little grand daughter…love he so much still…Mari

  9. To everyone who has commented lately on this thread:

    In an ideal world (where time does not exist), I would be able to help you interpret whole spreads for you here. Unfortunately, I have bills to pay and have to priortise my paid readings.

    If you ask one or two specific tarot-related questions (think ‘What does this particular card mean in this position?’) then I’m much more likely to reply than if you just ask me to guide you through the whole spread or to answer questions about every single card position.

    Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to help each other out!

  10. Hi Lisa!! Thank you so much for this spread – I would highly appreciate some additional insight into the cards I drew…to make a long story very short a series of recent events led me to end a 5 year relationship and my now-married ex (who I believed to be my soulmate and tried to forget to no avail) has reached out to me..
    1. Nine of cups
    2. The hierophant
    3. Queen of pentacles
    4. King of wands
    5. Death
    6. Two of wands
    7. The star
    8. Temperance
    9. The high priestess
    10. Princess of cups

    Thank you in advance for your sage advice if you can offer any!



    1. Just to clarify, I’m most confused by Death and two of wands in their respective positions…also not sure how to feel about High Priestess in future position and Princess of cups as the key to the lock? I’m fairly certain the hierophant and queen of pentacles represent people that got in the way of our love before (Taurus man, Capricorn woman) but both of those people are out of our lives now. I took king of wands to mean he would initiate and respond to communication (he did.) I am thinking death here is referring to my 5 year relationship ending and possibly his marriage as well?

      Thank you again for any assistance and please know this spread has helped being some peace to my heart!

      1. The 2 of Wands as the outside influence could refer to his marriage since it often signifies a partnership. If so, it’s rather fiery and probably full of arguments. Death means unavoidable endings and transformation. With the passive High Priestess as the outcome, you are not likely to see a lot of movement with regards to building a relationship with this mean. The final row indicates his need for detachment, introspection and healing.

      2. Thank you so much for your prompt reply – basically you don’t see anything between us progressing? Is it possible that something may move forward between us once he’s resolved his issues? I’m still unsure of how princess of cups figures into the equation and my initial interpretation of the final row was more about mutual healing of ourselves and our bond, but I’m thrown off by what you see..

        Either way, thank you very much!!

        1. Hi Lisa,

          I think your reply was directed towards another user – final row in my spread was the star, temperance and high priestess with princess of cups as key. Just want to know if I should cut my losses or stick around…my heart tells me I’d wait forever if he just needs time.

          Thank you again!!

          1. Sorry. Yeah… that was for another user. Trying to squeeze comments in here between work and have a head cold… hmmm… no, sorry – same goes for HP as the final card. But the far distant future, who knows. I never read on more than a year at the time. Not much is set in stone.

  11. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been using my Sared Rose Tarot cards most recently for the past year to help me understand a stirring romance I have had with a man I truly feel I have fallen in love with. I turned to the internet to further help me understand my readings, and came across this great spread. Some of the cards are quite clear, others a bit confusing:

    1) Death (does this mean I only want to reconnect bc I feel I have something more to learn?)

    2 & 3) The Hierophant & Three of Wands (a little lost with this combo here, maybe the instability of our relationship?? We’ve been off and on for 11 mos; he was in a relationship which is now also off and on, and I’m in the process of getting divorced. A crazy and unexpected relationship, but I find it so hard to let go since I feel so strongly that we have a strong connection, just trying to understand where to go from here as he is “on” again with the ex).

    4) Six of Pentacles (Ok, lots of Pentacles in this row and the spread ends with it too… what does THAT mean?? Is it all the energy that has gone into the relationship, and the energy that is still needed?? As for what I need to do to reconnect, is it about me “adjusting” my approach?? I struggle with finding a balance between letting him know how I feel and being emotionally independent).

    5) Two of Pentacles (This is easy. I clearly see this as the relationship he has with his ex. He struggles with being with her or being with me. Now, he is back to “trying to work things out with her” but does not want me out of his life. Here it seems they have a good thing going, thus the main challenge between us.)

    6) Nine of Pentacles (Is this still his ex??)

    7,8, & 9) Two of Wands, Ten of Cups, Eight of Swords (Ok, total confusion on how to read these as a flow, in a story… different numbers, different objects. I can see the two of wands as him and I, unfortunately… Two Scorpios with birthdays one day apart, 11/16 & 11/17, its no wonder we’d have a face off and intense sexual energy. But will that lead to something negative?? But then the Ten of Cups says emotional satisfaction and timeless happiness, followed by the Eight of Swords where yes there is emotional turmoil, quite accurate in this situation, but is it not also a regeneration of something good?? Not sure if this last row is a positive or negative future??)

    10) King of Pentacles (and finally the Key… very funny how this King very much describes this man to the tee, which is why I’m confused as to how it can relate to me and what I need to do to “open the door.”)

    I feel like the answers are right in front of me, if only pointed in the right direction. Your help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Lisa,

      My apology for the extended questions, as I was typing I started think out loud so to speak. My specific questions would be about the meaning of Death in position one and how do I use the King of Pentacles to understand what I can do next? Also, I just wanted to be sure I was correct in reading the future row as quite positive, especially given the Ten of Cups card.

      After sending you this, I went back to the other information you have on your sight and was able to get some clarification of the other areas I was insure of. Thank you for providing such great references on your site!!


      1. No worries. OK, so Death (Scorpio) shows me that you are really struggling with letting go – the energy of this card can indicate codependency or missing a really strong, passionate connection. I expect you would have fallen madly and deeply in love.

        The King of Pentacles is a very practical energy and may be a nudge to look after your own health first.

        The 8 of Swords together with the 2 of Pentacles will keep this in a holding pattern unless you break free. You may have to in order to not jeopordise your own health.

      2. Hi Lisa,

        Thank you for your very prompt response! Yes, I have fallen very much madly and deeply in love with this man, and struggle with whether I should stick around and try, or let go and move on (think I will be asking for a paid reading next after I finish this response).

        I’m a little confused as to what you mean about the 8 of Swords together with the 2 of Pentacles?? The 8 of Swords is with the 2 of Wands in that row. And do you mean that for my own health I need to let go? Is that what you meant by “break free.”?

        1. Yes, I meant the 8 of Swords together with the lock, the 2 of Pentacles. The final card in the reading shows no forward movement and the lock shows me that he wants his cake and to eat it too…

          Staying in this relationship could be damaging your health.

  12. I love this spread! Thank you for all your help, and I love that your site helps with relating cards!!
    Can you help me out please??

    I did this twice while asking about my ex. The first reading I got:
    1.high priestess
    2.hanged man
    7.3 of pentacles
    8.king of pentacles
    9.queen of swords
    10.ace of cups
    : Which I pretty much see as our troubles with letting go and opening up (his mainly) and not being happy for ourselves because of fears and neediness, and how these points spiralled. I don’t really understand the sun, unless it’s saying we want to find active happiness and don’t believe we can get it together. And I think that 7.8 and 9 represents his relationship with the girl he’s now seeing. All I got out of this was right now he has a rebound and needs it.. And with showing him unconditional love I’m allowing us to/we will find our own way of happiness

    I’m confused about the second reading, I got:
    1) 3 of swords
    2) 7 of staffs
    3) 7 of pentacles
    4) page of cups
    5) 2 of cups
    6) knight of cups
    7) lovers
    8) knight of staffs
    9) justice
    10) six of swords
    : Again fears and egos got in the way of us being there for ourselves. We chose intimacy over personal happiness. I believe the knight of cups is showing an influence for him or maybe for both of us to hold onto our emotions, be in control and to be calm. I’m not sure what the page of cups is saying. And inside the door is very confusing, mostly in relation to other cards. I believe the knight of staffs represents him as how he represents himself to world/ social context, when he’s in a fun or flirtatious mood, its like his ego. Justice says there needs to be balance and separation or commitment might happen. What is really getting me is the lovers card. (I’ve actually had this card come up a few times recently as the challenge).This card is next to the knight of wands which could either mean that the girl he’s seeing won’t reciprocate the feelings, he won’t reciprocate with her or he won’t with me. The lovers card has also popped up after the knight of cups and the the 2 of cups which shows commitment. But I am not sure if or what this means as the 2 of cups is in position 5 and the knight of cups is in position 6. In general I’ve taken this card as commitment versus freedom to be on one’s own, but what else is it saying? Is it showing me into his den again? And the lock I read as that we need to heal, to explore, and in the end we will either separate or reconcile.

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me 🙂

    1. I don’t know if this will make any sense to you, but I would say that with Venus (The Empress) as the first card, this was just one of her many little tricks to get you on the path to true love. He’s not even showing up but She is showing you all these other men… and it’s up to you to decide what you truly wish to manifest. Strength and the final four cards speak strongly of this too. Interesting reading!

      1. I would like me and him to progress forward. Is that what you mean by me deciding what i want to manifest or do you mean there will be other choices and not him? it feels exciting …. I specifically asked the quesiton about him. Thank you for your responses by the way, I am new to this and it helps especially when reading for myself 🙂

        1. Well, yes… these cards are exciting. I think they’re telling you something new and totally different can soon be made manifest. The cards indicate that you have a lot of personal power and that you can manifest pretty much any type of man you wish. Flings very rarely ‘progress’ – that is why they are called flings. 🙂

          1. we shall see 🙂 I also thought that with the knight of cups in the ‘key’ position that I would have a number of options and then he would say the things i want but with the magician, it would be totally up to me the path to take. with other readings you can sort of see this happening within a certain time – is there a timing with this reading?

            1. There is only timing in a reading if you a) set a time frame or b) have a position for timing.

              But with the Magician and Strength both present, I would say the time is any time you want it to happen. It will be your creation entirely. Good luck!

  13. HI Lisa
    I love this reading, it seems very insightful …. apart from mine which has confused me a little with he presence of all the kings 🙂

    1. Empress
    2. King of Cups
    3. King of Pentacle
    4.7 of wands
    5. strength
    6. king of swords
    7. the magician
    8. ace of wands
    9. ace of cups
    10. the knight of cups

    This was a fling that never turned to a relationship. I asked would it progress forward. My question is … what do all the kings mean?
    I see the knight of cups as a good thing and the magician, being me in control, ace of wands, our initial fling, ace of cups the start of a relationship.
    Could this be with one of the kings or are they just an ‘influence’ on my relationship with him and me moving forward?

    Thank you in advance 🙂 xxxx

  14. Hi Lisa,

    Great blog. My spread was based on a friend and I. We had a fallout and was wondering what next?

    1 – Hermit
    2 – King of Coins
    3 – 4 of coins
    4 – 8 of coins
    5 – Strength
    6 – 3 of coins
    7 – Knight of wands
    8 – Tower
    9 – 5 of wands
    10 – Lovers

    I get the gist of the reading. What lies on the other side of the door doesn’t seem too promising – lol. However I was stumped with Strength as the lock and Lovers as the key.

    Would this mean that I need to summon my inner strength to make the correct choice for me? Or does it mean that I need to tame my inner animal instincts to show a bit more love/ compassion towards him and the situation? We are both fire signs so things get heated very quickly.

    Your insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary. Yes, Strength as the lock could indicate Leo type pride. Compassion is never a bad idea. A lot of feelings are locked away here by fear of intimacy and pride it seems with the Hermit and 4 of Pentacles… If they do come out, you can expect The Tower next… Be gentle with yourself. Allow your feelings to surface. Own them to yourself and own them to the other as well.

      1. You are spot on! I opened up to him via text because we weren’t talking, now I feel like an idiot for doing so. It’s hard for both of us to open up to each other and we clash over petty things because we’re not addressing the real issues. I am going through a process of being gentle on myself but it’s not so easy when you’ve been hurt before.

        Thanks for the insight and I look forward to reading your future write ups. Keep up the good work!!

  15. Hello Lisa,tried out this spread,The question I asked was ‘Should my ex and I get back together, Using this spread,these are the cards i got.

    1) knight of pentacles 2) king of wands 3) queen of swords

    4) ace of swords 5) 10 of wands 6) ace of wands

    7) Justice 8) ace of pentacle 9) 3 of wands

    10) high priestress

    First row was all court cards maybe to many peoples influences in our relationship.
    Second row I believe we could get back together but we went through a really hard relationship,which I believe thats where the 10 of wands comes in we were emotionally exhausted. But having Justice in the third row as I open the door shows me we will resolve our issues and the ace of Pentacles is confirming that (solidlity) While the 3 of wands tells me she is hopeful and can or will see me in a good way.I do know Ace of pentacles and 3 of wands usually indicate the early stages of the relationship,which looks promising But Im totally mixed up with the High priestress as the outcome! By the way I got 3 Aces,I even like the form they came in ! What is that letting me know? Lisa this was my first love,we both broke up because there was so much crap going on in our lives and she couldnt deal with it and walked away and I let her walk away because I was to emotionally exhausted and lost my father around the same time we broke up. I had no energy to fight for her,Its now been 7 years and I miss her like crazy,we crossed paths but we havent spoke and i truly just need to know should I pursue her and leave her be,please when you get a chance I would be so grateful for your time. ty a bunch Lisa

    1. The High Priestess is the Key… not exactly the outcome… It’s about allowing your inner voice to guide you as well as to disclose what you have kept secret from her. Together with the 10 of Wands as the lock, it speaks of allowing for a complete transformation of the situation. The 10 of Wands can be seen as the Phoenix energy. Ace of Swords as the handle… Yes, definitely contact here – tell her how you feel and be honest about your perception of what happened. Blessings

  16. I had came across your blog and loved the idea of this spread, so I gave it a try. My boyfriend broke up with me a little over a month ago and I honestly thought it was an immaturity/communication issue. I asked if we would be getting back together or more specifically if we would be connecting/contacting one another soon? I interpreted my spread as there is potential for us to grow on the other side of the door, but that there is a lot of doubt, fear, and uncertainty that resides in both parties. (hesitations and apprehensions holding him back)…if we can just open that line of communication then we can progress.

    I’m unsure of my Key card or if my interpretation is even close. Any advice? am I on the right track?

    1) 8 of cups
    2) 7 of wands
    3) page of cups
    4) 9 of swords
    5) 5 of wands
    6) The Emperor
    7) Knight of pentacles
    8) The Lovers
    9) 3 of cups
    10 KEY) 3 of pentacles

    1. The 8 of Cups as the first card indicates that this was a transient experience… Not feeling continuity – sorry! Not sure if the Knight of Pentacles is him but it feels like the final three cards belong to him. There is no compatibility between the key and lock here… It’s as if, no matter hard you try, he’ll find fault… Oppressive influence of the Emperor not helping.

  17. Hey Lisa ty for sharing this spread,I will be showing my friends your site thats for sure,what a blessing to come upon this blog !! I’ve been studying tarot for the last 3 years along with my inner voice! I find it so much easier to read for onther people But for some reason when it comes to me I can’t read my cards,maybe too much emotion gets involved,so i tried your spread this is what i got.

    1.King of wands
    2.Ace of cups
    4.The Emperor
    5.The Empress
    6.The 8 of Pentacles
    7.The Magician
    8.Page of swords
    9.The 6 of cups
    10.The 10 of cups

    I believe in this reading We most definatly stand a chance for reconciling.But was wondering what you make of The Emperor and Empress Together, I find that to be interesting,is it suggesting,that I stand my ground and show who is boss don’t understand Emperor as a action.
    8 of Pentacles as my obstacle ?

    the obstacle is the eight of Pentacles I’m picking up his subconcious is burying or hiding something that could be very bad. Wondering how that could effect me as well abit scared !!

    Any feedback would be appreciated thx Lisa

    1. The Emperor and The Empress together suggests that you need to look at how childhood issues tie in with the current situation. The 8 of Pentacles as an outside influence could possibly mean that the other person is very busy at work and have had to put relating on the back burner.

      1. Thx Lisa for your feedback it makes alot of sense,she is a workalcolic,its always about work for her! Blessings Lisa. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

  18. Great Blog Lisa! Kind of you to share your gift and wisdom to onthers,we need more people like you!

    1) Hanged man
    2) 5 of swords
    3) 8 of wands
    4) World
    5) 10 of swords
    6) King of swords
    7) Ace of cups
    8) Queen of pentacles
    9) Strength
    10) 2 of wands

    Just need some guidance with what stands in our way,the 10 of swords and king of swords I feel as if he is in a dark time or caught up in so much negativity,But with the ace of cups and strength beneath it,I feel he would offer me his love again and the tenth place is 2 of wands,which indicates choices! I’m totally baffled lol and any insight would be helpful at least to just set me in the right direction! Thanks Lisa 🙂

    1. Not too mention I did a 2 card spread on what his feelings for me were and Got the 2 of cups and ten of swords.Then 1 week later I asked the same question and got 1 of cups and 10 of swords again! Does he regret breaking up with me,Well we both actually broke up with each onther! and he knows im dating someone new now,nothing serious for me just dating!But he doesnt know that! So I keep getting the feeling that if he could he would get back with me.

  19. Hi, I’m new to tarot and trying to figure it all out. Thought I would try your spread with the Truth Seeker’s Tarot:

    1 Princess of pentacles
    2 Lovers
    3 Justice
    4 5 of pentacles
    5 5 of cups
    6 Death
    7 2 of pentacles
    8 Ace of cups
    9 Seven of pentacles
    10 10 of cups

    The first row I think indicates we had a good relationship (lovers/justice). And the second row suggests reasons why it didn’t work out (the two 5 cards). The third row would suggest he’s moved on (ace of cups: new love?). But then the 10th card makes no sense. How does that fit in to the interpretation? My understanding is that it is a card for a happy/settled relationship which doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the reading. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi, the 10 of Cups could indicate that you need to harmonise your ideal with a happy settled relationship with what is actually going on here. What do you need and what is actually on offer? Your ideals are very important here. Listen to them and let them guide you away from those fives. The Princess of Pentacles indicates that this relationship was a learning experience for you.

  20. hi there i did one for myself i was able to figure out the reading made great sense, the key(10) was ace of pentacles im assuming thats a possible re connection??? also card number 5 was 6 of cups not sure how to inturpret this one under obstacles ? can you help here is the layout anyways …. by the way i like this spread its not complicated makes sense :))

    1 temperance
    2 ace of swords
    3 queen of cups
    4 2 of pentacles
    5 6 of cups
    6 3 of swords
    7 nine of swords
    8 6 of pentacles
    9 sun
    10 ace of pentacles

    i read it as top line need to have patience the relationship was strong second line maybe juggling two many things or someone having a say in this ending of the relationship since 3 of swords was card six?

    bottom line him being anxious about money maybe, but coming out good
    and the last card to me looks positive ace of pentacles a possibility a good outcome, re connection etc.

    am i at least close?


    1. Sounds like you’re close. The 6 of Pentacles could also indicate a need for fairness in the relationship. If the 3 of Swords is indeed someone meddling, they could have tried to make him feel as things weren’t fair somehow… Good luck with getting this back on track, Angela and sorry for the late reply – I have been swamped with work lately!

  21. Hi Lisa, this is a great spread. I drew:

    1. Star
    2. king of cups
    3. 2 of wands
    4. Six of cups
    5. Strength
    6. Eight of swords
    7. 2 of cups
    8. 10 of cups
    9. The fool
    10. 4 of wands

    I see the star as me wanting some validation that he remembers me (it was two decades ago); and that he’ll be pleased to connect with me again. I see the six of cups in this position as me not having to do anything, but just carry on talking as we have been (nostalgia, coupled with being slow soul mates).

    AndI like what I see through the door! Would you agree this looks promising? And the advice is just to keep on being there, talking to him and seeing what develops? (4 of wands).

    1. Hi Mika, yes that could very well be the case. The 8 of Swords is the belief that nothing much will come of this in terms of a real relationship though… Overcome that and anything is possible. Of course, both of you need to over come it.

  22. I’m a bit shy to ask Lisa, since I know ppl try to take advantage of you.. the problem is I can interpret the cards but I am not experienced enough to understand how they work together. This is what came up for me when I asked my RWT about this man I really, really like, whom I ran into last week- we had a sexy affair in the summer. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you <3

    Karen and Phil

    1. seven of cups
    2. The World
    3. Emperor
    4. Knight of Cups
    5. Five of Cups
    6. Temperance
    7. Justice
    8. Four of Cups
    9. The Lovers

    10. Judgement

    1. Karen, which card(s) in particular are you struggling with? The first card, the 7 of Cups, is key. It’s a card of illusion/delusion/confusion. This could be one of the reasons you are not able to see what the cards are trying to tell you here.

      1. seven, five, and four of cups would not be the cards i would hope to see in a spread such as this one… Because it is so subjective I am able to interpret the first three cards.. #4 stumps me a bit as how could that be the handle? who does that card represent? in a way the five of cups was how I felt when our little affair fell apart in the summer. Temperance I can see as an issue flat out because he drinks too much- the Justice card in love confuses me, four of cups always represents boredom, or entitlement issues to me in a prospective partner, as in, they’re always looking for Ms. A Little Better… perhaps we will be lovers again but it won’t progress any further than that because he is so self possessed…??? argh I’m afraid I’m not very good at interpreting cards! and how does Judgement fit as the key?

        1. you would hope to see them as they tell the truth and now that you told me about his drinking it all makes perfect sense. the Knight of Cups is asking you to be emotionally honest with yourself… would a relationship with someone with a drinking problem fulfill your emotional needs? judgement is the key – asking you to align with your life’s purpose.

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