Shem HaMephorash Cahetel and the 5 of Pentacles

8. Cahetel the Angel of Divine Blessings and the 5 of Pentacles

Shem HaMephorash Cahetel and the 5 of Pentacles

Shem Angel 8 Cahetel is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘The Adored God’ or ‘God of Blessings.’ The name sounds like Kah-Heh-Tah. Cahetel has masculine energy and rules over the deadly sin of sloth. Those under his guardianship receive material blessings all throughout their lives.

Cahetel Kah-Heh-Tah

Cahetel belongs to the Angelic Choir of Seraphim (Keter), ruled by Archangel Metatron. The Planetary correspondences are Neptune and the Moon. Cahetel is known as the Angel of Divine Blessings. The crystal corresponding with Cahetel is Leopardskin Jasper. He represents the Element of Earth but helps us connect with all four Elements and is according to some sources the patron of the four elements. The main colours associated with Cahetel are orange and yellow.

Dates and Times Ruled by Cahetel

Cahetel is the Guardian Angel of those born between 26 and 30 April.

Cahetel rules the time between 2:00 – 2:20 AM.

The five days between 26 and 30 April are the final five days of the first decan (ten days) of Taurus. The corresponding Tarot card is the 5 of Pentacles (Mercury in Taurus). The 5 of Pentacles covers the full first decan of Taurus. Achaiah rules the first five days of the first decan of Taurus.

Cahetel’s secondary rulership covers 16 January, 28 March, 10 June, 25 August and 6 November.

Your Three Guardian Angels

According to Kabbalistic lore, we are each given three Guardian Angels at birth. Primary rulership (quiniary angel) determines the physical and external material aspects of the person born within that date range. Secondary rulership determines the emotional characteristics and challenges a person may face. Finally, the time of day determines the person’s intellectual capability.

However, you can call on any of the 72 Shem Angels that best fit your needs or desires in the moment. You can also work with them specifically during their time or rulership in the Wheel of the Year.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Cahetel and the 5 of Pentacles

Cahetel, the Shem Angel representing divine blessings, shares a deep connection with the 5 of Pentacles in the Tarot. The 5 of Pentacles, Mercury in Taurus, covers the first ten days of Taurus in the zodiac. This card signifies lessons and challenges related to finances, material resources, help from others, physical health and a sense of lack or loss.

Cahetel’s role is to assist individuals in manifesting divine will and abundance in their lives. As the angel of divine blessings, Cahetel fills his charges with gratitude for all the goodness in life and helps them receive material blessings. He reminds them to appreciate what they have and to make changes in their daily habits to align with their soul’s blueprint.

When faced with the hardships depicted in the 5 of Pentacles, Cahetel offers guidance and support. He encourages individuals to transmute egoic tendencies, eliminate ingratitude, and resist rebellion against their soul’s purpose. Cahetel helps them regain their sense of security and stability by presiding over challenging situations.

By invoking Cahetel’s energy and working with the lessons inherent 5 of Pentacles, individuals can overcome obstacles and bring divine abundance into their lives. Calling upon Cahetel can enhance manifestation abilities and foster a deeper understanding of the laws governing those abilities. This combination provides the motivation and energy needed to break free from stagnation, change unproductive habits, and attract greater material abundance.

Cahetel’s presence bridges the energy of the Shem HaMemphorash with the symbolic meaning of the 5 of Pentacles. Together, they guide individuals towards a path of prosperity, protection from adversities, and a deeper understanding of the universal laws of manifestation.

Bible Verse to Invoke Cahetel

O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!
Psalm 95:6

Situations that Cahetel Can Help With

  • Transmuting egoic tendencies
  • Entity attachments/Influence of evil spirits
  • Ingratitude and mooching off others
  • Resisting or revolting against your soul’s blueprint
  • Pride, aggression and a tendency to want to dominate others
  • Wasting time on useless things or projects
  • Protection from inclement weather conditions and natural disasters

Use the Kah-Heh-Tah Mantra to…

…ensure a good harvest or outcome for any work you feel divinely guided to do.

Chanting Kah-Heh-Tah before working with or invoking any of the Four Elements can help you connect with them more deeply.

You can chant this angel’s name to invoke divine blessings and fill you to the point of overflowing with gratitude for all that you have and are. Gratitude is the universe’s greatest magnet for more goodness and blessings to flow toward us.

Chanting Kah-Heh-Tah helps you understand the laws of manifestation more clearly and can also keep you and your baby safe while you are pregnant. He also presides over childbirth and guides everyone present to assist in the best way possible.

Kah-Heh-Tah can give you a boost of energy for moving forward if you ever feel stuck and drained when you are working. He can also provide you with the energy and motivation to change habits and behaviours that keep you stuck.

Finally, chanting the name Kah-Heh-Tah can help you manifest abundance with greater ease.


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