2 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Keywords and Correspondences

2 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

2 of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Keywords and Correspondences

The 2 of Cups (Venus in Cancer) is a card that represents deep emotional connections, harmony, and partnership. Here are some key meanings associated with the 2 of Cups:

  • Love and Romance: The 2 of Cups is often associated with falling in love, being in a romantic relationship, or the potential for a future lover. It signifies deep emotional connections, attraction, and sensuality.
  • Relationships: This card represents all kinds of relationships built on trust, mutual understanding, and an exchange of energies. It can signify close friendships, soulmate connections, and harmonious partnerships.
  • Emotional Affinity: The 2 of Cups indicates a strong emotional bond and affinity between individuals. It suggests understanding, empathy, and emotional harmony within relationships.
  • Trust and Unity: This card signifies a strong foundation of trust and unity. It highlights the importance of open communication, honesty, and mutual support in relationships.
  • Healing and Restoration: The 2 of Cups can symbolise healing and restoration within relationships. It can represent a time of reconciliation, forgiveness, and cultivating emotional well-being.
  • Self-Love: This card reminds us of the importance of self-love and self-care in building healthy relationships. It encourages us to honour and trust ourselves, as well as to establish boundaries within relationships.
  • Potential and Partnership: The 2 of Cups may suggest the potential for new partnerships, collaborations, or agreements. It symbolizes the coming together of individuals for a shared purpose or goal.
  • Intimacy and Connection: This card represents a deep sense of intimacy and connection between individuals. It signifies the merging of energies, vulnerability, and a strong emotional bond.

More than Love & Romance

Most people think of love and romance when the 2 of Cups shows up. And yes, when the 2 of Cups shows up well-dignified in a mundane reading it often speaks of falling/being in love. And when it shows up ill-dignified (or reversed) about falling out of love. It is one of the cards people hope to see when they are reading about a potential future lover.

But the 2 of Cups can signify any kind of relationship built on trust and an exchange of energies. So, for instance, can the 2 of Cups be a good sign that the deity you want to work with also wants to work with you. The Runic equivalent would be Gebo.

2 of Cups Venus in Cancer Angelic Tarot
2 of Cups RWS Tarot

Going back to more mundane card meanings, the 2 of Cups can also signify friendships or great emotional affinity and harmony between co-workers. It all depends on the question and surrounding cards.

The 2 of Cups also signifies emotional sensitivity and this can be a double-edged sword. When reversed or ill-dignified, this sensitivity can be coupled with a tendency to become reactive and or manipulative.

Healing with the 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups is a card that can be placed upright directly over the heart chakra for meditating on the restoration of peace and harmony within. It can also be used to meditate on self-love. Self-love is the starting point for healthy (non-codependent) relationships that are based on trust, friendship, respect and unconditional love.

Affirmation: “I open my heart to love. I trust and honour myself. Trust and honour abound in all my relationships.”

2 of Cups Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, thank you for opening the eyes of my heart. From love was I born and to love I return. May all my relationships be loving and true. Amen and so it is!


Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Planet: Venus

Archangel: Gabriel, ruler of the Element of Water

Gemstones: Selenite, rose quartz and green aventurine

Essential oils: Lilac, rose and jasmine

The 2 of Cups in Love and Relationships

In some ways, the 2 of Cups serves to illustrate the concept of relating because here we find, for the first time on our journey through the Minors, deep emotional heart-to-heart relating and intimacy. In the 2 of Wands, for instance, we see a partnership built more on a foundation of a shared goal/objective/ambition.

The well-dignified 2 of Cups card symbolises reciprocal love. This is the intimacy of the beloved beholding and being beheld by the beloved. Because of the intensity of this experience, lovers easily lose a sense of self. Boundaries are dissolved in the merging and from this merging, a unique entity is born. In the traditional Waite Smith symbology, this third entity is symbolised by the winged lion above the caduceus. This third entity can be the relationship itself but it could also be the conception of a child.

The shadow aspect of this card is the ‘clinging vine syndrome’ and co-dependency. The antidote is to develop a strong sense of self, coupled with a healthy amount of self-love.

A relationship under the auspice of the 2 of Cups signifies two people who are willing to yield and compromise. Their own needs become subordinate to the need for communion with the beloved. On the flip side, these two might be compromising their core needs, in which case the relationship will soon be tested.

Single and looking

If the 2 of Cups shows up in a reading for someone who is single and looking, it is likely that they will soon find someone and fall in love. But is it the Right One and will it last? Surrounding cards will provide more clues. Together with the Knight of Cups and the 4 of Wands, we can see that the Right One is not very far away at all.


In an intimate setting, this card symbolises gazing into the eyes of the beloved and also having a feeling of completely merging with the beloved in a kiss. It signifies total surrender in lovemaking and it doesn’t get much sweeter than this.

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