13 Cancer Season Self-Care Tips

cancer season self-care tips

Happy Summer Solstice, Litha and Midsummer’s Eve (waves to fellow native Swedes)! We are right at the start of Cancer Season and I recently felt guided to dub this season a month of extreme self-care. This video by Cat Rose Astrology is my inspiration. Cancer is, as you probably know, associated with motherhood and nurturing. However, not all of us are mothers. And sometimes, it is our inner child or other aspects of ourselves we need to nurture. So today’s post is full of Cancer Season Self-Care Tips, including a Cancer Season Self-Care Tarot Spread.

It would be remiss of me to not make the first self-care tip a Tarot spread…

1. The Cancer Season Self-Care Tarot Spread

Choose the first card, face up. You can work with a different deck for this, for instance, a positive and uplifting oracle deck such as the Priestess of Light Oracle. Then place the next, randomly chosen four cards around card one. These cards will help you see what you need to do in order to get to feel how you want to feel a month from now. Alternatively, you can work with a different time frame, such as a year or even five years.

You can also use this spread to brainstorm your own top self-care tips to implement daily during Cancer Season.

One or more of the cards in positions 2-5 could show some of your deepest and darkest fears. If that happens, see this as a good thing. This is coming up for healing so that you can shift stuck energy and finally start feeling as good and supported as you deserve to feel.

2. Call Your Mum

If you’re lucky enough to have your mother still among the living, give her a call! You won’t regret bugging her when she’s gone.

And if your mother has gone to join your ancestors, you can honour her by creating an altar to her and your female forbears. Please understand that our loved ones are only a thought away and we can always send them love, even when we can’t physically hug them.

For those of you with extremely toxic mothers, I hear you. That used to be me. It was simply not possible to have a relationship with her. Nor did she particularly want one with me. But it is literally never too late. I have a much-improved relationship with her now that she has crossed over. There is nothing but love. All has been forgiven.

3. Converse with Your Inner Child

Begin a conversation with your inner child. You can even start a separate journal to build a better relationship with your inner child. Or write a letter and ask what they need in order to feel safe and nurtured. There are many inner child meditations you can try on YouTube. You will want to journal what you learn if you try one of them.

If you are able to enter into a lucid dream state, you can connect with your inner child in Dreamtime. Again, journal what you learn if you manage to have a conversation with that aspect of yourself in your dreams.

4. Make Your Self-Talk Nurturing

Make your self-talk so nurturing that it would be suitable to use in conversation with your inner child. Put ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ reminders up around the house on Post-It notes.

5. Ditch Relationships That Aren’t Nurturing

This is kind of self-explanatory. And yes, I’m aware that it isn’t always possible. But perhaps you are clinging to a relationship that is very one way. Now is the perfect time to release it completely or at least put very firm boundaries in place. Cancer breastplate up!

6. Get Creative!

Find creative self-expression in whatever form that suits you. Allow your feelings to make themselves felt, seen and heard. Write a poem. Get some pens and paints out and have fun with colour. Put on some music and dance. It’s not about producing something to show to others, only about giving your emotions a voice and allowing your inner child to come out and play.

7. Stay Hydrated

This is an obvious one, I know. But isn’t it funny how almost all of us need reminding? Start the day as you intend to go on. I drink a pint of water first thing after my morning meditation.

Improve the Quality of Your Water

Get a report about the quality of your tap water from your local water company. Ours isn’t that bad but with the threat of nationwide fluoridation, we wanted to make sure to monitor things carefully and will upgrade to a reversed osmosis filtration system in the near future.

Structure Your Water

There are different methods for structuring your water, including using sound and words/intentions as proven by people like Masaru Emoto and Lynne MacTaggart. A quick and easy way that I like to use for the water we drink (including the dogs) is to use a magnetic coaster. I place one under the jug that I keep our drinking water in. I have also found that using structured water that I program with intention and crystals helps me become lucid when dreaming.

8. Put a Moratorium on Spending

Choose substance over form and focus all your time and energy on cultivating close, nurturing relationships. Beginning, of course, with your relationship with yourself.

9. Free Yourself from Moon Matrix Programming

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, a Cardinal Water Sign. Typically, Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are more sensitive to the influence of Luna. But is this a good thing? As a Pisces Moon Sign, I used to think so. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is not. Check out this transmission by Steve Nobel and set yourself from any false lunar programming. I found his guided meditation extremely helpful and a month and a bit on, I sleep better and have a greater sense of emotional freedom.

10. Grow Emotionally

Write down your short-term emotional development goals. Focus on three of them to work on during Cancer Season. Write matching affirmations and use them daily. There may be actions that you can do as well. For instance, if you have decided to become kinder, think of random acts of kindness that you can practice.

11. Turn Your Bathroom into a Healing Sanctuary

Looking after your health and hygiene often happens in the bathroom. When was the last time you decorated yours? Does it match how you want to feel? What can you do to give it a make-over that doesn’t cost much (or anything)? How can you raise the vibration of your bathroom? When was the last time you smudged it?

12. Meditate by a Body of Water

Visit the seaside or a nearby lake and meditate. Simples. Oh, and go for a swim while you’re there. Swimming across a placid lake is a meditative experience in its own right. And you’ve got to move that lymph… Speaking of which:

13. Treat Yourself to a Massage

Honestly, I have failed at this recently. Covid got in the way and then I simply forgot that this was even an option but I will get around to doing this soon. It’s a really great self-care thing to do… provided you find the right massage therapist of course. Word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable–something you realise after a dud. I once accidentally treated myself to a birthday massage in a place that was lacking in hygiene and with a massage therapist whose hands on my body felt like damp squids. A firm grip is essential!


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