Archangel Barachiel - Angelic Tarot Code 18

Archangel Barachiel – Angelic Tarot Code 18

Archangel Barachiel - Angelic Tarot Code 18

A Channelled Message from Archangel Barachiel

Beloved, all fear, on every level of your life, comes from not trusting in the kindness of the Universe. Source of All That Is is pure love and loving kindness flows from it into all of creation. All of creation is blessed because all of creation, including you, is born of Love and will return to Love. 

Your deepest fear, whatever shape that fear takes for you, is the result of the illusion that you are somehow separate from the Source of creation. This in turn leads to a fear that existence is essentially chaotic and meaningless. Nothing could be further from the truth! 

If your mind tells you that you are anything other than an embodiment of God’s kindness and compassion, then it is the voice of the separate self you are listening to. Your soul, or Higher Self, knows that your essence is loving-kindness. As soon as you remember this, you can forgive yourself completely. and surrender to the eternal flow of blessings that Source wishes to bestow on all of creation. 

How Fears Turn into Blessings

Your fears and shadows are blessings too. Without them, you wouldn’t understand what it is to be trapped in illusions and without this understanding, you wouldn’t know how to empathise or show compassion with those who are likewise trapped by their own fears and illusions. 

Those of you who came here to be healers have chosen the most difficult path in terms of challenging yourselves to transcend a multitude of deep-seated fears. The important thing to remember and be constantly aware of is that not for a second will the Divine abandon you in these trials. Angels are all around you and as soon as you remember the soul connection you have with the angelic realm, things become much easier. 

Do not doubt this connection lest fear creep in. The fear will incapacitate you and keep you from being able to use your gifts fully. Any time you feel fear and doubt creep in, call on me to carry your prayers to Heaven and to send a multitude of angels as protection. 

Call on Us for Help

Any time you feel as if you need a specific resource to aid you on your chosen path of Divine Service, call in the blessings of the Divine that are yours by birthright.

You humans talk about transcendence as if it were some complicated philosophical concept. It is so simple. It is about realising that your true nature is loving kindness and compassion. Once you accomplish this and you know your True Self, you are free from the temptations and desires that create fear traps.

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Barachiel – Angelic Activation

Prepare a foot bath and add some rose petals and/or rose essential oil to your water. You can also add half a cup of Epsom salt to the water. Invoke the blessing of Archangel Barachiel over the water before you place your feet in the warm water and relax for 10-15 minutes. Visualise any fear draining into the water. Sit with your palms upturned and ask Archangel Barachiel to bless you with unwavering faith and abundance. Visualise his pale green light entering at the top of the head and filling your entire aura. It is done.

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