22 Angelic Tarot Codes for Awakening Christ Consciousness

Angelic Tarot Activations of the 22 Major Arcana Cards

Angelic Activations of the 22 Tarot Codes

Embodying Christ Consciousness through Angelic Tarot Activations

What if the awakening to our Christ Consciousness has been encoded in the Tarot? When I asked my Higher Self this question, Spirit guided me to the answer within days. I woke up one morning and wrote down the corresponding Angelic Codes for each of the 22 cards in the Tarot Major Arcana. As happens so often, the answer had come to me while I was sleeping.

This list took me seconds to write, and I knew I had channelled it through from my Angelic Guides, yet I began doubting the information. It wasn’t the correspondences that I had previously used (based mainly on Astrology), though many of them remained the same. It was a new system… and the vocie of my separate self was causing me to doubt the information.

When in doubt, ask for confirmation. I know this and I teach it but I sometimes have to remind myself. I did a reading with the 22 Codes on random.org (you can easily do this for yourself, using the list below) and was guided to seek confirmation via Metatron, guardian of the seventh code of Christ Consciousness, associated with The Chariot.

Sacred Sovereignty

I was then guided to this video about Metatron, where the ‘Spiritual Sun in the Heart’ is discussed – This spiritual sun is clearly visible in the Morgan Greer (one of my favourite decks) version of The Chariot above – This was the confirmation I needed! But I got more than I bargained for when it was revealed to me that the reason that Metatron is so keen to help us remove doubt and the associated negativity is because he is helping us steer that chariot all the way to Holy Sophia (Shekinah/his archeia), who is the guardian of the corresponding Angelic Code for The World!

The other thing is that I am in a 7 Chariot personal year and this year my connection with the angels has really started blossoming once more. You can have a strong connection but still get derailed by cynicism as well as doubt, and I am afraid I wasn’t entirely unaffected by that in the wake of the Doreen Virtue debacle.

It took me a while to recover and return to the purity of my own connection, which meant releasing any regret, blame, guilt and cynicism that I had allowed into my energy field as I was busy campaigning for the ‘victims’ of this teacher. Of course, as always, when we come out the other side, we see clearly that victimhood was only part of the illusion that was needed for us to learn how to free ourselves and re-establish our own sovereignty.

22 Angelic Tarot Codes for Embodying Christ Consciousness

So… Back to the 22 Codes. What are they for and how do we use them? We are meant to use them for spiritual pathworking with the Tarot to awaken and align. Working with each of the codes acts as an angelic activation for the corresponding trump, unlocking the upper levels of Light contained within that Arcanum.

I will blog about each of these codes in a series of posts over the next few weeks/months (however long it takes to channel the information through).

My angelic guides are saying that this channelled information will help you become crowned and winged. I will do my best, then, to act as a channel for these magical and empowering messages.

Before publishing this article (but only after receiving my instructions from Metatron), I checked my Numerology of the day: I’m in a 7 year, a 7 month and a 7 day and my Tarot card of the day is The Hermit. You can read about angel number 777 HERE. Okay then, let’s do this! 🙂

ETA: I was wondering if anybody had channelled anything about the number 777 relating to Metatron, so after publishing this article I did a quick google search and found THIS. I mean, come ON!!!

The 22 Angelic Tarot Codes

0 – Uriel (The Fool)
1 – Raphael (The Magician)
2 – Gabriel (The High Priestess)
3 – Haniel (The Empress)
4 – Sariel (The Emperor)
5 – Sandalphon (The Hierophant)
6 – Jophiel (The Lovers)
7 – Metatron (The Chariot)
8 – Ariel (Strength)
9 – Raziel (The Hermit)
10 – Zadkiel (The Wheel of Fortune)
11 – Raguel (Justice)
12 – Asariel (The Hanged Man)
13 – Azrael (Death)
14 – The Angel of Temperance (Temperance)
15 – The Higher Self (The Devil)
16 – Chamuel (The Tower)
17 – The Angel of Grace (The Star)
18 – Barachiel (The Moon)
19 – Michael (The Sun)
20 – Jeremiel (Judgement)
21 – Holy Sophia (The World)

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg,

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