angelic tarot activation archangel asariel

Archangel Asariel Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Asariel Angelic Tarot Activation

A Channelled Message from Archangel Asariel

Until one of my angels comes along, you often have a strong sense of what life is and should be, or rather what 3D ‘normality’ is. Until I or one of my emissaries come along, you are firmly lodged in the Matrix. It is not comfortable to encounter me. It means a sort of crucifixion of your persona. That’s because I dissolve your boundaries and help you see how your energy interacts with the world around you.

Since ancient times, this has been known as a shamanic initiation. In your day and age, you are often mislabelled and diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. This state of affairs is far from ideal. However, mankind is resilient and is now in the process of adapting to the spiritual awakening of the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Rebirth

When Jesus talked about the need for a man to be born again, the initiation into the realm of Spirit described above is exactly what he talked about. This is why The Hanged Man is related numerologically to The Empress. This is the birth of the Son (Christ/Logos) by the Mother/Empress/Sophia.

Relating to the following arcanum XIII Death, XII Hanged Man state is the incubation/gestation period. XIII Death is the rebirth/initiation into the new state of being.

It is not by chance this message is being channelled only hours before the Super Full Moon in Scorpio in 2021. This lunation acts as a Gateway. It provides an opportunity for rebirth to higher levels of compassion and unity. Those of you reading this later on, please know that things will be birthed more easily and organically as of this lunation. The groundwork has been done. Many generations worked hard for this moment of awakening.

The Hanged Man – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 12

Read Logion 22 from the Gospel of Thomas out loud three times:

Yeshua saw some little children nursing. He said to his disciples, “These nursing children can be compared to those who enter the kingdom.”

They said to him, “Then we’ll enter the kingdom as little children?”

Yeshua said to them, “When you make the two into one, and make the inner like the outer and the outer like the inner, and the upper like the lower, and so make the male and the female a single one so that the male won’t be male nor the female female; when you make eyes in the place of an eye, a hand in the place of a hand, a foot in the place of a foot, and an image in the place of an image; then you’ll enter the kingdom.”

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