Archangel Azrael - Angelic Activation Code 13

Archangel Azrael – Angelic Activation Code 13

Archangel Azrael - Angelic Activation Code 13

A Channelled Message from Archangel Azrael

To fear death is to fear life. Death is just another beginning and it would be correct to say that there is no death, only a transformed life. Think of the butterfly leaving the chrysalis, so it is when a soul leaves the body it has occupied. The purpose of the body or chrysalis is to act as a supportive space for transformation and learning to take place. That is all.

At the end of your life, you will know that I am coming if you have set the intent for a conscious and aware crossing. There will be signs, premonitions and synchronicities. This is also true if your life is in danger and it is not your time to go, so pay attention. 

Make friends with me and allow me to transmute any fear you have about leaving your physical body. Prepare your mind and spirit instead for the delight of reuniting with the angels, your loved ones in spirit and your soul family.

Life is for living and this is only possible to the full if there is no subconscious fear of death or dying blocking the flow of your vital life force energy. 

Let’s Talk About Death and Dying

Death is an effect of the time-space paradigm. Without time, there is no death. On the Other Side, time is no more. But even here on Earth, you are multidimensional and able to transcend the time-space continuum. Connect with your eternal nature while you are still living, in order to pierce the illusion of being limited by time and space. Do this daily to strengthen your I AM presence on Earth. This will envelop your body in the light of your spirit and enable your whole being to prosper.

By embracing eternal life inside the time-space hologram, you strengthen your life-force and easily transmute any drama or conflict in your life to peace and love. Your eternal self is your Buddha Nature or Christ Consciousness. Your eternal self is born of love and returns to love after each incarnation. 

Those who do not cultivate a loving spirit during their stay in the time-space hologram struggle to embrace life in spirit where they can no longer hide behind projections. This can be immensely painful and is the mental state referred to by some religions as ‘hell.’

This state is not eternal because what is born of love must eventually return to love or quietly be dissolved – a form of self-undoing. Only love is real.

Celebrate the gift of life daily and do it with deep gratitude and reverence for those who have gone before. Each evolutionary step is dependent on the quantum leaps made by previous generations. It’s time to get excited about the quantum leaps you can help bring about and that your children’s children will be able to bow to your generation for in deep gratitude and reverence!

Death – Frideborg Tarot

Azrael – Angelic Activation

On a Dark Moon, during the Full Moon in Scorpio, or around the time of All Hallows’ Eve, set up an altar to your ancestors. Give thanks for all they learned and taught during their time on earth. Ask for their blessings and guidance. Sit with them for as long as you like and write down any ideas that pop into your head at this time. Some of these ideas will be messages from your loved ones in spirit.

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  1. Can you elaborate a bit more on the part about quietly be dissolved: “This state is not eternal because what is born of love must eventually return to love or quietly be dissolved – a form of self-undoing.”
    Thank you so much for your newsletter and blogs

  2. My co-worker who is sitting next to me’s grandma ( literally) just passed away 15 minutes ago.
    I opened my email and here is this wonderful blog.

    I read the majority of it to her ( some of it is too deep for her to comprehend).. I hope it helped her with her shock….

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