Archangel Jeremiel - Angelic Tarot Code 20

Archangel Jeremiel – Angelic Tarot Code 20

Archangel Jeremiel - Angelic Tarot Code 20

A Channelled Message from Archangel Jeremiel

Until there is an understanding that everything that has happened in your life happened for you rather than to or against you, there can be no integration of past lessons, no moving on, no awakening, and no escaping the wheel of reincarnation.

Forgiveness clears the path for this understanding to make its way into your heart and mind. Forgiveness itself is an understanding that there is no need to take anything personally. You don’t forgive to condone any action taken by another, you forgive to let go of your personal attachment to their action. The action itself, if not based in love, is only a projection of fear and illusion of the other. This projection was able to enter your field of experience because you were not done with that particular lesson and it could have come through anyone. Until you forgive, it will continue to reappear in your life, in many different forms and through many different people with whom you are an energetic match.

Forgiving yourself is simply an acknowledgement of the fact that as soon as you know better, you are able to do better. This is true about forgiving others as well, of course – They too did the best with what they knew. At the level of the soul, none of you truly wish to harm others or yourselves because, at that level, you see clearly that you are all part of the same body and harm to one causes harm to the whole body.

On the other side, we will meet, you and I. I will either give you the option to move to a higher realm or I will help you decide which family line to be born into the next time so that you can best learn how to finally forgive everyone without condition. 

Some of you are old hands at this already and decide to incarnate on Earth again even though you don’t have to and this is because of your soul alignment as Wayshowers. Some of you who choose this path have taken on some of the most challenging bloodlines, so that you can not only accelerate your own understanding of forgiveness and awaken at an early age but so that you can heal the bloodline path, present and future. Many of you already know me as your Guardian Angel for I have been with you since birth in this incarnation.

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Frideborg Tarot

Judgement – Angelic Activation

Cut a piece of string about 3-4 meters long and lay it out on the floor. This string represents the timeline for this incarnation. To the left is your past and to the right is your future, so position yourself where you imagine yourself to be now, along this timeline.

Cut the string and hold up the piece representing the past. Say the following prayer:

All is forgiven, in every direction of time and space. I ask now for the grace to integrate all the lessons from the past so that I might make wiser decisions in the future. Thank you Archangel Jeremiel for helping me move forward now, with all the wisdom and none of the pain. The past is no more.

Dispose of the string representing the past in any way you see fit. You might wish to burn it if you can find a safe way of doing so. Do not keep it around.

Next, pick up the piece of string representing the future. Imagine it being strung with beautiful pearls, each pearl representing a day in your life. Place yourself at the very end of the string and hold the end in your hands. Imagine yourself drawing your very last breath and looking back over your life, from today and back over the unknown days ahead… Feel into this.

Feel your guardian angel wrap their wings around you, as that final breath leaves you. Hear them say, ‘Well done ______________ ← (insert name), you ______________, ______________ and ______________’ ← (insert three things) you want your guardian angel to tell you about the rest of your life as they scoop you up and lift you out of the body, into the Light.

The things your guardian angel will commend you for will relate to things that have eternal value and the power to liberate you from generating karma that keeps you incarnating. These three things represent the intent you are setting for the remainder of your days. Setting this intent will elevate your vibration and simplify your life.

This is a very powerful exercise if you actually DO it. Just reading about it won’t lead to any lasting change of your mindset. However, not just doing it but keeping this piece of string and using it for your morning meditation, imagining the day ahead as one of the glimmering, precious pearls on it, is even more powerful and it is guaranteed to change your life by aligning you more deeply with your soul’s calling.

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