archangel raphael angel activation of The Magician Tarot card

Archangel Raphael Angelic Tarot Activation

Archangel Raphael - Angelic Activation Code 1

A Channelled Message from Archangel Raphael

Dear one, you cast your first spell when you learned how to say the word ‘mama.’ You were soon made to feel like a powerful manifestor or you were gradually disempowered through abuse and neglect. But whether your Earth school family were able to teach you the power of your words or not, do not doubt for a second that your words can hold and carry tremendous power once you know how to direct them.

Words directed to and aligned with the Divine never fail. Those words have wings like the sandals of Mercury. They are powerful like the caduceus and can bring healing to those who need it. Those words are the only magical tool you truly need – All other tools for spellcasting are just paraphernalia and decoration.

As for healing yourself, your self-talk is the most powerful healing tool at your disposal. You must free this self-talk from all forms of judgement for it to be truly effective, so for anybody embarking on a conscious journey of healing from within, the first step is always forgiveness. This brings you back to zero-point alignment where you can simply observe what is going on without judgement. 

Next, you need to clean up the acoustic resonance of your environment. If what you listen to in media lowers your vibration, you must cut it out. If you spend time around people who love to gossip or speak ill of people, you need to leave that circle of people.

After that, you can begin to mindfully reprogram your mind with words of love, power and healing. With your words, you can begin to spell a new world, a better world, into existence. Call on me to guide you if you falter. It is never too late to start over!

Raphael – Angelic Activation of The Magician

Have a full day of silence to bury your old way of spelling your existence into being with words that were not fully aligned. You will need to tell everyone around you that you are doing this.

It will work best if you can take the whole day off from any kind of social engagement. During this day, call on Archangel Raphael for help with examining your heart to see if there is anybody you need to forgive. Release all judgement.

Make a list of power words that you want to use frequently once you come out of your silent retreat. These are the words that will spell your new world into existence.

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