higher self angelic tarot activation

Higher Self Angelic Tarot Activation

higher self tarot activation of the devil tarot card

A Channelled Message from My Higher Self

The ego personality is a tiny splinter of the Self. But it is important to remember that it is a part of the Self and not evil. In fact, the ego is entirely necessary here on Earth so we must not aim for its destruction. The ego forms to act as a 3D container for individuating and embodying as much of your unique soul light as possible. It creates personality boundaries that allow the soul self to interact in an environment run on a binary system, as are all dualistic constructs.

This is why the ego must be fully and healthily constructed before you can begin the process of ascension and embodiment of the Higher Self in earnest.

Once you get to this stage of self-realisation and begin to remember/awaken to why you are here (though it doesn’t always happen in that order), you can actively engage in the embodiment and activation of your Higher Self.

When this stage of our self-realisation process happens, the ego is temporarily put out of action. But it reforms again out of necessity. The aim of the ego reforming is to defer to the Higher Self for all the choices that you make in 3D polarity.

The Ego and The Devil

The ego is often equated with The Devil in the Tarot as a source of bad decisions or even as ‘evil.’ That is not what the ego is. It is a vessel and also a vehicle for learning. However, the ego often does all it can to protect itself as a separate entity and that is where it gets tricky. It can be very devious because it knows it can only retain its power if we fall for the illusion of being separate from Source.

Higher Self – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 15 The Devil

Today is the day you set yourself FREE by stating out loud the following I AM statements:

I AM one with Source.

And I AM one with Mother Earth.

I AM one with all living beings.

My soul power returns to me fully.

Day by day, I radiate more and more of my Essence into the world.

My mission blueprint is activated.

Day by day, I re-member more about who I am and what I came here to do.

I AM a servant of the Light.

And so it is, so it is, so it is!

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