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Holy Sophia Angelic Tarot Activation

Holy Sophia

A Channelled Message from Holy Sophia

You mastered the Element of Fire when you realised that burning could not kill you.

You mastered the Element of Water when you understood that drowning would not end your life.

When you stopped fearing conflict, you mastered the Element of Air.

You mastered the Element of Earth when you released your fear of lack.

You mastered the Element of Spirit when you realised that there is no separation between you and me.

Seven afflictions that humbled you have you suffered. Only your pride can make you fall again, and only vanity can create division in what I have made whole.

Holy Sophia – Angelic Activation of Arcanum 21

Face each cardinal direction in turn, beginning in the East (Air) and going clockwise ending in the North (Earth), passing South (Fire) and West (Water) on the way. Pause and address each Elemental Guardian in turn, saying:

I see you and I welcome all your lessons.

Place yourself in the centre of the circle and raise your arms, saying:

Holy Sophia, cleanse me with the Fire of your wisdom and make me whole. In the name of the Aeon Christos, I ask. And so it is.

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love raven liora

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