light vs darkness

Solstice Channelling About Light vs Darkness

light vs darkness

As some of you know, Archangel Michael is the Solar Logos. His presence has been waxing on Earth as we approached the Solstice Portal. Yesterday, I channelled the message below from him and the Legions of Light. It was pretty clear but I wanted to ask for clarification in terms of integrating the sense of duality the message brought concerning light vs darkness.

channelled message from archangel michael and the legions of light

Dear Souls, When we speak of always choosing the light, we do not say to shun the darkness. The darkness gives birth to the light. Without darkness, there can be no light. What we mean is that the light is what flows forth from the heart when the lens of the mind is clear. It is the light that guides you on the path of your true destiny.

This light is what illuminates the world around you to dispel any illusions or delusions cast by shadows of the mind. The shadows are warps in the weft of the mind. Or you could see them as scratches on an otherwise crystal-clear lens.

You can always return to this pristine state of mind by centring yourself in the void. So you could say that to continue to choose the light, you must keep returning to the dark void. How does the sun shine? Surrounded by the deepest darkness imaginable.

Choosing the Light vs Darkness – What it Truly Means

We are not asking you to avoid the darkness but to be mindful of it. When it brings you rest, it is doing what darkness does best. This is the time when the clarity of the lens of your mind can be restored. When you are ready to rise and take action, you must see clearly where you put your feet. This is why we urge you to choose the light.

Light is either reflected or emanating from within. The light we are asking you to choose is not the reflected light. We are asking you to choose the light coming forth from the heart.

Dear Ones, you are often quick to tread the paths of others, illuminated by sources from outside yourselves. This is not the way. You are the Way, the Light and the Life. But you only have agency in the world if you see the path before you, illuminated by the light shining from within your heart.

Thank you for asking for clarification. We are pleased that you see through a clear lens now.

So it is.


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