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Archangel Michael Solar Logos Tarot Spread

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Archangel Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God.’ He is the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts according to some and Adam, the first man, according to the Mormons. According to Jehova’s Witnesses, he is Christ. Rudolph Steiner equates Michael with the countenance of Christ and before the life of Yeshua with Yahweh. The Archangel Michael Solar Logos Tarot Spread is inspired by recent conversations with AA Michael.

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“The Mysterious Word-Spirit produces all through the Sun, and never operates through any other medium.”
~ Hermes Trismegistus

Archangel Michael is, like all figures of great antiquity, in equal parts myth and reality. However that he is real is not something I doubt. Not because many occultists and theosophists have written about him. And not because I have read and listened to many others who have experienced his help or presence directly but thanks to having seen him and talked to him myself. That said, I do not claim to know the whole truth about him.

First Encounter

My first encounter with Archangel Michael happened during a Reiki treatment almost 20 years ago. During the treatment, with my eyes closed, I perceived a being next to the healer, on her right. His energy was masculine and he appeared in my inner vision as a blue cloud pillar of light. There were no discernible features but I knew I was seeing an angel with my third eye.

After the treatment, I said to the young lady who had given me Reiki, ‘Do you know that you have a large blue angel next to you when you do Reiki?’ ‘Yes,’ she said without missing a beat, ‘I always call on Archangel Michael before I begin a session.’

Recent Reconnection

Recently, a desire to understand the true nature of Archangel Michael led to another encounter. This time clairaudient (internal). I was meditating to connect with AA Michael when Christ appeared. He went on to explain that he and Archangel Michael are one.

This demonstrates that all religions, including JW, get some things right. According to Steiner, AA Michael is to Christ what the brow and countenance of a person are to the I/Higher Self. I also recently found out that according to Steiner, we are in an Archangel Michael Age or Epoch that started in 1879 and will end in 2230.

Blavatsky on the Mysteries of Spiritual Sun

Blavatsky regarded the teachings regarding the spiritual Sun as mysteries that are withheld from the profane. This teaching was given out by Julian the Apostate, who was the Roman Emperor from 361-3, for which reason, according to Blavatsky, “the hitherto protecting hand was withdrawn from him” and he died a violent death in accordance with his karma. Julian taught the Trinity of the Sun, “the first is the universal cause of all, Sovereign Good and perfection; the Second Power is paramount intelligence, having dominion over all reasonable beings . . .; the third is the visible Sun” (CW XIV:223).
Theosophy World Encyclopedia, Solar Logos

Angel Magic(k)

In any magical system of correspondences for the days of the week, Archangel Michael is the ruler of The Sun and of Sundays. The best hour to call on him for assistance with any solar magic is therefore on a Sunday, during the hour of the Sun.

As an aside, the three phases of the sun can be divided as follows:

The Archangel Michael Solar Logos Tarot Spread

  1. To what end should I direct my creative power? (part of your mission in this lifetime)
  2. What do I need to know about embodying Christ Consciousness? (a gift, test or lesson)
  3. How can I strengthen my confidence? (likely to be something that requires you to feel the fear and do it anyway)
  4. What protection is there from AA Michael?
  5. What challenge is there from the dragon/lower nature?

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