the angel of grace tarot code 17 The Star

The Angel of Grace Angelic Tarot Activation

the angel of grace angelic tarot code 17 the star tarot card

A Channelled Message from the Angel of Grace

Beloved, it is good to know that once your mind has gone to its furthest extreme, your soul-body connection will take over and start reversing the damage that comes from creating a combined technocracy-idiocracy. You are currently being lured, herded and baited into an AI society that is making you incredibly easy to manipulate. But this too shall pass and soon your bodies will rise up and say ‘Enough!’

How many of you will be sterile before then? And how many will have been lost to cancer and disorders of the central nervous system? How many more poisons, vaccines, toxins and unnatural sources of radiation will your bodies endure before then?

You are identifying more and more with your minds, not realising that your minds are being highjacked by the devices you are using.

Technology can be a blessing but only up until the point where the technology is serving you. When you cross over to the point where you are serving the technology, or rather the intended purpose of the gadget you are using (not always as advertised) you are in danger of losing yourself.

Everything is Connected to Everything Else

Grace is the light of understanding of how everything is connected. Sometimes grace doesn’t feel very graceful. That is because it is forcing an awakening from a false dream that you have been lulled into.

Your minds are not open to grace when they are constantly wired to technology and virtual reality. Grace depends on two things: a longing to connect to Source and a reverence for Mother Earth to whom your body belongs. This is the natural order of things.

More than ever, mankind needs to be reminded to unplug and open up to receive something that is real. We angels weep for humanity and its disconnect from the natural order of things, where grace is part of every experience. There is grace in our tears for those of you who are brave enough to savour them. Grace is neither joy nor sorrow and it can be found as much in the laughter of a baby if you have the courage to be fully present.

the star - angel of grace, angelic code no. 17
The Star – Frideborg Tarot

Angel of Grace – Activation of Angelic Tarot Code 17

Gather your gadgets and devices before you. You may wish to place them on your altar. Hold your hands over them and say the following prayer (or you may wish to use your own words):

Mother-Father God, thank you for these devices. Help me to limit their use, so that they serve me and the Highest Good of all living beings. I ask for the Angel of Grace, assisted by Archangel Michael, to cut all cords of addiction to any of these devices.

(move your hands to hold them over your heart chakra, palms facing in)

Heal my central nervous system, eyes, brain and reproductive organs. Repair any damaged DNA or cellular lack of integrity. Help me stay grounded and connected with Nature, as well as with other human beings.
Amen and so it is!

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