Top 5 Ways to Use an Angel Journal

Have you connected with your Guardian Angel yet? We all have a Guardian Angel. This Angel has been with us from birth and will be with us when we go back to be with the Ancestors. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to connect with your Guardian Angel is by using an Angel Journal.

The reason for this is that keeping a daily journal helps us focus our minds on the often subtle guidance that comes through from the angelic realm. In order to receive guidance, we need to quieten our minds. The mind automatically becomes quieter when we reach for pen and paper. It stills and focuses our minds.

The Universal Law of Permission

In addition to quietening our minds, we also need to give our Guardian Angel permission to intervene. There may have been a time when you felt their presence or even a time when you knew that your Guardian Angel saved your life. However, other than intervening to save our lives in case of immediate and present danger, our Guardian Angel is not allowed to intervene uninvited. This is Universal Law.

Because we have free will, we must invite our Guardian Angel to give them access on a day-to-day level. For instance, if you wish to hear from your Guardian Angel and receive daily guidance, you would need to start your day by asking for it. You can use your own words when asking/praying to your Guardian Angel. But the gist of the request needs to be that you give them permission to intervene and help you in all possible areas of your life.

Granting Your Guardian Angel Permission (Sample Prayer/Request)

Dear Guardian Angel, please guide and assist me today, in all areas of my life where I need help or guidance in any form. Thank you and so it is.

In addition to granting the necessary permission, saying this prayer out loud or writing it down, helps your mind to focus on receiving guidance in the day ahead.

If you decide to get an Angel Journal, you can write your request for constant assistance and guidance on the first page of the journal. That makes the Angel Journal a lovely and really useful point of contact for your Guardian Angel.

Top 5 Ways to Use an Angel Journal

  1. Dream Incubation
  2. Daily Angel Oracle Guidance
  3. Stream of Consciousness/Automatic Writing
  4. Validation of Signs
  5. Thanksgiving

Dream Incubation with your Guardian Angel

If you have a tricky day coming up, you might wish to get a jump on how to best deal with it. Angels to the rescue! They can help you with guidance and confidence-building through the night. Simply write down your situation and ask for guidance to come through.

Setting the intention to receive guidance while you sleep may not always help you remember your dreams though. This takes some practice so please be patient. It’s important that you write down what you are able to recall as soon as you wake up. Therefore, you need to keep your Angel Journal next to your bed so that you can reach for it and record your impressions straight away before they have a chance to fade away.

Daily Angel Oracle Guidance

An easy way to receive guidance from your Guardian Angel is by pulling a daily Angel Oracle card. This works on the divine principle of synchronicity. In addition to taking on board the guidance found the companion booklet, you can write down any thoughts that pop into your head in your Angel Journal while you gaze at the image. You will gain much more in-depth guidance from this than from simply reading the words someone else has written down.

Also, writing down any guidance you receive will help you remain mindful of it throughout the day.

By the way, you do not necessarily need to use an oracle with pictures of angels on it for this daily practice. Any deck (Tarot, Lenormand or Oracle Cards) that speaks to you will work as long as you direct the question to your Guardian Angel.

If you like, you can make another entry at the end of the day. This will add to your internal library of meanings for the cards as well.

Stream of Consciousness/Automatic Writing

When I first learned about automatic writing, I got really excited. I immediately decided to try it out. To my horror, I found that I couldn’t do it. At all. Nothing. My hand just would not move.

TOP TIP: Imagine my surprise to find that there is an easy bypass to this spirit writer’s block. I discovered this by ‘chance’ (I know–no such thing!), I might add. When I write about anything that pops into my head and give myself permission to not judge, it seems to not matter if I add in a question for the angels or my spirit guides. The guidance just flows. And it does indeed feel as if the pen moves by itself. I’m often surprised by what I learn this way.

I believe this is because writing in a stream-of-consciousness mode seems to put me into a light trance. That trance, in turn, removes any objections my intellect might have to receive guidance from Spirit.

So don’t be afraid to just sit down with your Angel Journal and just start writing about your day. Allow the guidance to sneak up on you!


Once you have received guidance in the form of an Oracle Card, a dream, or a channelled message while writing in a light trance, you want to make sure you receive validation. This is especially important in the beginning. Angelic guidance can be quite subtle and it is easy to fall prey to wishful thinking. Validation in the form of signs in the world around us removes any doubt or confusion.

Stay mindful, grounded and centred throughout the day to ensure that you do not miss the validating sign. It typically comes in the form of finding feathers or pennies in odd and unexpected places. But it can also be in the form of synchronicity around things that relate directly to what you need help with. You can also ask for a specific sign if you prefer.


You may have heard of the practice of keeping a Gratitude Journal. If you keep an Angel Journal, you do not need to keep a separate Gratitude Journal.

I like to combine the practice of checking in with my daily angel guidance in the evening by writing down three things that I am grateful for. Then I add my request for dream guidance and the beautiful cycle of angel communication begins anew.

Angel Journal FAQ

Q1. Do I need to know the name of my Guardian Angel to communicate with them?

No, you do not. However, there are many free guided meditations on YouTube that you can use to meet your Guardian Angel and learn their name.

Q2. Can I use the same principles but address my spirit guide or my entire Spirit Team instead?

Yes, you absolutely can!


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