how to connect to your guardian angel through colour

How to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

how to connect with your guardian angel

Not long ago, while I was doing the Angel Intuitive course, I was shown by the Angels that they each come in on one of the seven rays of the colours of the rainbow. This made sense to me since I see angels as pure colour rather than as people or winged beings. Your Guardian Angel also comes in on one of the seven rays.

I was also told that they are of vibrations (colours) so high that we wouldn’t be able to see them with our 3D physical eyes in their natural habitat (higher dimensions/angelic realm). Showing themselves as rainbow spectrum colours to us while we are on earth is how they often step down their energy so that we can perceive them.


It made me really happy to have this information confirmed through a book that arrived last week and that I would recommend to anyone with an interest in Angelology, or in working actively with the angelic realm. Claire Nahmad, the author of Kick-Ass Angels, also speaks of the angels each belonging to one of these seven rays.

As you may have guessed, these seven rays also tie in with the seven chakras and this in turn gives you a clue about your life purpose, since your Guardian Angel is tied in with your mission in this incarnation.

You probably already know intuitively which ray (or rays since they can be combined) your guardian angel is of. It will most likely be the ray of the colour that has been your favourite colour all your life.

Knowing this may make it easier for you to connect with your Guardian Angel.

Making that first connection is all-important before you go on to work with other angels. Your own Guardian Angel is your bridge and ‘interpreter’ for the angelic realm.

A Rainbow of Colours

If you don’t have a favourite colour or aren’t sure what it is, you can start by doing a brief ‘Rainbow meditation.’ Simply visualise the seven colours of the rainbow in the following order:

Red – see a glowing red sphere at the base of your chakra
Orange – visualise a glowing orange sphere about an inch below your navel
Yellow – see in your mind’s eye a glowing yellow sphere in your solar plexus
Green – imagine a bright green sphere in your heart
Turquoise – visualise a turquoise sphere in your throat
Indigo – imagine that you have a third eye, between and slightly above your eyebrows where you see a glowing indigo sphere
Violet – see in your mind’s eye a glowing violet sphere at the top of your head

With which colour(s) did you get the greatest sense of joy and expansion? This is most likely the colour associated with your Guardian Angel. Please note that this colour can also be somewhere between the seven colours stated and/or a blend with one or more of the rainbow chakra colours.

Once you have a fix on the colour(s), it becomes quite easy to tune in and make the connection with your Guardian Angel.

Colour Meditation to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Sit on a chair with your feet on the ground, back straight, shoulders rolled back and relaxed, chin slightly lowered to elongate the neck. Rest your hands on your lap, palms facing up.

Close your eyes and take a few deep slow and even breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. If you feel tense, you can release the breath with an ‘aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh’ sound.

Connecting Heaven and Earth

Now connect heaven and earth with your breath which serves to both raise your vibration and ground you firmly. Do this by visualising white light coming in through the top of your head, as you breathe in, connecting you with the heart of the cosmos which is Mother-Father God. On the out-breath, allow this white light to wash through your body, taking every last bit of tension with it as it leaves the soles of your feet, finding its way to the core of Gaia.

On the next breath cycle, breathe in and imagine the energy essence of the red-hot magma rising up through your feet from Earth’s core until it reaches the heart. There it mixes with the white light from the Cosmos until you are ready to breathe out the most beautiful radiant pink light back to Mother-Father God. This pink light is a love offering and a sign that you are ready to connect with your Guardian Angel.

You Will Know When…

Feel free to take your time. You can repeat the breath cycle described above a few more times if you enjoy it. You will know when you are ready to connect with your Guardian Angel.

Next, imagine your Guardian Angel by your side, on the left or the right. Just be still and notice their presence because whether or not you have made contact before, they are always by your side. Your angel is neither male nor female but may choose to show as a gender if that is helpful to you.

Now imagine your favourite colour filling the space on your left and call your Guardian Angel to you by telling them in your heart how much you want to know then and work with them in this incarnation.

Asking for Their Name

Then simply sit in silence and wait to feel, see or hear their presence. When you sense they are near, ask your Guardian Angel for their name. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. You can always ask them to repeat their name. They usually don’t mind us assigning them a name so feel free to do that if you don’t get a name.

Asking for a Sign

You are also free to ask for a specific sign. There is no point in trying to limit the angels. During the Angel Intuitive course I was reconnecting but still in doubt so I tried to make it ‘impossible’ for my Guardian Angel by asking for a very specific sign in the form of a necklace that I had to receive within three days and that had to have the colour purple in it.

On the second day, I received the necklace you see below, completely out of the blow from a person I have never met in real life but whom I am very much looking forward to meeting now…

It’s barely visible in this picture but the top two crystal chips are purple!

angelic sign necklace


Don’t forget to thank your Guardian Angel before you end the meditation! Gratitude is the highest vibration so bear that in mind. The more often you raise your frequency to that of gratitude, the easier you will find it is to maintain your connection to the Angelic Realm.

Once you have established the connection, it’s like any friendship, the more energy you give to it, the more intimate and helpful it will be to you. The best and fastest way to establish trust with your Guardian Angel is to act on the guidance you receive without delay.

If you enjoyed this post, you may wish to connect with your Guardian Angel through THIS TAROT SPREAD to get to know them better.


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