Ophiuchus tarot correspondences

Ophiuchus Tarot Correspondences in the Major Arcana

Ophiuchus tarot correspondences

In today’s post, we are talking a look at the Ophiuchus Tarot correspondences in the Major Arcana, what they currently are and how the Tarot could potentially change in the future. Ophiuchus is 13th sign of the zodiac and is also known as the Serpent Bearer. Its dates run from approximately from November 29 to December 17 in True Sidereal Astrology.

While we are not going to cover the history side of things in today’s post, we need only look to the Dendera Zodiac to know that the Egyptian Astrologers took this constellation into consideration. In other words, Ophiuchus represents ancient wisdom that has been hidden from us. Is it time to bring this wisdom back? Read on and let me know what you think in the comments!

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Before we delve into the Ophiuchus Tarot Correspondences, let’s take a closer look at the energy and symbolism of Ophiuchus.

Ophiuchus and Chiron

Unlike Scorpio, whose traditional ruler is Mars with Pluto as the modern ruler, Ophiuchus has Chiron, the Wounded Healer archetype, as its ruler. Chiron holds a significant place in astrology, representing themes of deep healing and transformation. Many people have the Wounded Healer archetype activated during or slightly after their Chiron return, which usually occurs around the 50-year mark. The Chiron return is a powerful astrological event where Chiron completes its orbit around the Sun and returns to the position it occupied at the time of a person’s birth. This period often brings about profound self-examination and healing opportunities.

In a person’s natal chart, Chiron’s placement can highlight areas of deep-seated wounds, vulnerabilities, and insecurities. These wounds are typically related to feelings of inadequacy or pain that may have been experienced early in life. However, Chiron also points to potential paths for healing and growth. It encourages individuals to confront and work through their pain, ultimately transforming it into a source of wisdom, empathy, and compassion for others who suffer in similar ways. Therefore, understanding Chiron’s placement and aspects in one’s chart can be pivotal for personal development and self-awareness.

Shared 8th House: Scorpio and Ophiuchus

The 8th House in astrology is the House of transformation, mysteries, deep emotions, and the cycles of life and death. It is a House associated with profound changes, both internal and external. Sharing this house are Scorpio and Ophiuchus, each bringing their own unique energy and flavour to these fundamental themes.

Scorpio: The Instinctual Nature

Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign, represents the more instinctual, passionate, and deep-seated aspects of the 8th house. This is the Zodiac sign that loves to dive into the emotional depths, unafraid to confront the darkest parts of the human psyche. A need to understand and master the undercurrents of emotions, secrets, and hidden truths drives this sign. The Scorpion’s energy in the 8th house is one of intense personal transformation, often through experiences that deal with power, control, and the uncovering of hidden or suppressed aspects of oneself.

Scorpios naturally excel in navigating the waters of emotional and psychological transformation. They have a profound capacity for resilience, often rising stronger after facing life’s trials and tribulations.

Ophiuchus: The Transcendent Qualities

On the other hand, Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac, brings a more transcendent aspect to the 8th house. Unlike Scorpio’s Fixed Water element, Ophiuchus’s connection with the Element of Ether signifies a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. Ophiuchus embodies the qualities of redemption, healing, and enlightenment, taking the transformational energy of the 8th house to a more spiritually evolved level.

Ophiuchus individuals are seen as natural healers, able to guide themselves and others through the cycles of change and growth. Their journey is marked by significant turning points and the constant shedding of old skins, much like the symbol of the serpent. This continual renewal aligns them with the qualities of the phoenix, a mythical bird that rises from its ashes, symbolising rebirth and immortality.

The Phoenix and the Serpent

The qualities of the phoenix the serpent are both deeply intertwined with the energy of Ophiuchus. The phoenix’s ability to rise anew from its ashes mirrors Ophiuchus’s own transformative journey. True transformation involves not just surviving life’s trials but transcending them, emerging renewed and enlightened. This rebirth process through Ophiuchus emphasises the integration of one’s ego and the detoxification of the poisons from old wounds. This, in turn, leads to a desire to serve as someone who facilitates healing for others.

Unlike traditional spiritual traditions that emphasise the need for mortifying the ego, in Ophiuchus, the emphasis is on integrating the ego (snake). This integration brings self-awareness and the unification of the dark and light aspects of the self. The serpent embodies the shedding of old skin, renewal, and the continual pursuit of enlightenment. As the Snake Bearer, Ophiuchus signifies a harmonious blend of the physical and spiritual realms, encouraging an embrace of personal growth and the acknowledgment of one’s intrinsic potential.

Harmonising the 8th House

Together, Scorpio and Ophiuchus provide a comprehensive understanding of the 8th house. Scorpio offers the raw, instinctual processing of transformation, dealing with the tangible, emotional, and psychological aspects. Ophiuchus brings a more holistic approach, elevating this transformation into the realms of spirit and enlightenment.

This duality enriches the 8th house, offering a layered perspective on change and growth. Scorpio delves into the deepest emotional waters. It explores and masters the mysteries within. Ophiuchus transcends these experiences. It guides the soul towards ultimate renewal and spiritual awakening. Their blended energies make the 8th house powerful. It is a domain for those seeking not just to transform, but to transcend and evolve.


Bridging Scorpio and Sagittarius

Ophiuchus acts as a bridge between the intuitive and secretive nature of Scorpio and the philosophical and adventurous spirit of Sagittarius. This unique positioning allows individuals born under Ophiuchus to have a deep understanding of both internal mysteries and philosophical explorations. Those with strong Ophiuchus placements embody the transformative power of redemption and regeneration.

The journey of those influenced by Ophiuchus is often marked by significant turning points, where old ways and patterns are left behind in favour of new, enlightened paths. This transformative process grants them the wisdom to guide others through their own cycles of change and growth, making Ophiuchus individuals valuable beacons of hope and regeneration in times of crisis.

Galactic Alignment and Mythology

Ophiuchus is aligned with the Galactic Centre and is positioned opposite Orion the Hunter, often associated with the Egyptian god Osiris. The galactic alignment suggests a connection to the core of transformative energies in the universe.

Spiritually, the Galactic Centre is considered the heart of our galaxy and is referred to by some as the Heart of the Great Mother and by others as the Womb of Creation. This is because it houses a supermassive black hole, around which the entire Milky Way revolves. The immense gravitational forces and the concentration of celestial bodies and energy around the Galactic Centre are a source of profound spiritual transformation and renewal.

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, captures and channels the energies of the Galactic Centre, acting as a conduit between the earthly and the divine. This alignment suggests that those influenced by this sign may find themselves drawn to spiritual healing practices, esoteric knowledge, and a deeper understanding of their place in the universe. As such, Ophiuchus encourages all of us to embrace our highest potential and true essence. Because whether or not we have placements in this sign, we all have Ophiuchus somewhere in our chart.

Traits of Ophiuchus Individuals

  1. Intuitive: They possess a deep, instinctive understanding of situations and people.
  2. Healing Abilities: Natural healers, both physically and emotionally.
  3. Philosophical: A tendency to ponder life’s big questions and embrace higher wisdom.
  4. Adventurous: Drawn to new experiences and explorations.
  5. Transformative: Embrace change and personal growth with eagerness.
  6. Magnetic: Possess a unique charm that attracts others to them.
  7. Mystical: An innate connection to spiritual and mystical realms.

Ophiuchus provides a fascinating blend of characteristics that enrich the traditional zodiac, offering a more holistic approach to understanding the self and the cosmos.

Occupations for Ophiuchus Individuals

Ophiuchus individuals have unique traits that make them well-suited for various occupations. Their intuitive, healing, and transformative qualities lead them to professions where they can explore their philosophical tendencies, embrace their adventurous spirit, and use their magnetic charm.

  1. Healer: Ophiuchus individuals, as natural healers, are drawn to careers in medicine, therapy, counseling, and alternative healing practices.
  2. Psychologist/Psychiatrist: They have a deep understanding of human nature, making them excellent mental health professionals.
  3. Spiritual Advisor/Leader: Ophiuchus excel as spiritual guides, yoga instructors, astrologers, or life coaches due to their innate spiritual connection.
  4. Researcher: Their inquisitive minds and philosophical tendencies make them perfect for research roles in various scientific fields.
  5. Philosopher/Academic: These individuals are naturally drawn to academia, especially in philosophy, theology, and metaphysics.
  6. Writer/Artist: They understand and express deep emotions and ideas, making them successful writers, poets, and artists.
  7. Detective/Investigator: Their instinctual nature and interest in hidden truths suit them for investigation and detective work.
  8. Coach/Mentor: Their transformative qualities and ability to guide others through change make them effective coaches and mentors.
  9. Shaman/Energy Worker: With their mystical connection, they often feel drawn to shamanistic practices and energy work for spiritual healing.
  10. Crisis Manager: Their resilience and calm demeanour in the face of turmoil make them ideal for crisis management roles.
  11. Life Strategist: Combining philosophical insights with practical advice, they excel as life strategists, guiding others in personal and professional lives.

These are some of the professions that allow Ophiuchus individuals to use their unique talents and qualities, providing them with fulfilling careers that align with their natural inclinations and aspirations.

Ophiuchus Tarot Correspondences

Death Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Death Card and Its Relation to Scorpio and Ophiuchus

The Death card in Tarot is traditionally associated with Scorpio energy. Scorpio, a Fixed Water sign, relates to themes of transformation, endings, and rebirth. The Death card symbolises the end of a significant phase in life, making way for new beginnings and transformations. Scorpio’s instinctual nature to delve into the darker aspects of life aligns perfectly with the transformative energies of the Death card. This card encourages embracing change, releasing what no longer serves, and allowing for profound personal growth.

Scorpio’s Influence:

  • Represents deep emotional and psychological transformation.
  • Encourages confronting and mastering hidden truths and suppressed aspects of oneself.
  • Symbolises resilience and the ability to rise stronger after facing life’s trials.

However, the Death card also relates to Ophiuchus energy in significant ways. Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the zodiac, is associated with redemption, healing, and enlightenment. Where Scorpio focuses on the raw, instinctual side of transformation, Ophiuchus elevates this process to a more spiritual plane. The Serpent Bearer signifies the integration of the ego and the continual shedding of old skins, embodying renewal and the ultimate pursuit of enlightenment.

Ophiuchus’s Influence:

  • Embodies the bridge between the material and spiritual realms.
  • Channels the energy of rebirth, much like the mythical phoenix rising from its ashes.
  • Represents the holistic healing of body and spirit, encouraging the embrace of personal and spiritual growth.

Symbolism Specific to Ophiuchus in the Death Card:

  • Themes symbolising transformation and rebirth.

The Need for a New Arcanum

Despite the powerful symbolism in the Death card, it cannot fully encompass the unique aspects of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus’s role as the Serpent Bearer and its profound connection with spiritual healing and transformation call for an additional Major Arcana card. This new card would explore the transcendent qualities of Ophiuchus more thoroughly, emphasising themes of holistic healing, divine wisdom, and the harmonious blend of light and dark aspects within oneself. We need a XXII Phoenix card!

Introducing a new card would not only honour the distinct journey of Ophiuchus individuals but also enrich the Tarot as a tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. This new card could embody the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern understanding, guiding individuals not just through cycles of death and rebirth, but towards ultimate spiritual renewal that enables a person to become a Wayshower and Master Healer.

Judgement in Majors Only Love Tarot Readings

Judgement, Pluto, and Chiron

In Tarot, the Judgement card is traditionally associated with Pluto. This planet is linked to transformation, rebirth, and uncovering hidden truths. Pluto’s influence in astrology complements the meaning of the Judgement card. It symbolises a time of reckoning, calling, and ultimate awakening. Under Pluto’s guidance, Judgement encourages a thorough evaluation of one’s life. This prompts personal transformation and alignment with a higher purpose.

Pluto’s Influence on Judgement:

  • Transformation: The card signifies significant change and renewal, often following a period of deep self-reflection.
  • Rebirth: It marks a profound shift in perspective, leading to rejuvenation and new beginnings.
  • Unveiling Truth: Pluto’s energy drives the uncovering of hidden aspects of the self, pushing for honesty and self-awareness.

Pluto and Scorpio’s Co-Ruling

Pluto’s association extends to Scorpio, where it acts as a modern co-ruler along with Mars. In the context of Tarot, Pluto (Judgement) and Mars (The Tower) together influence the Scorpio Death card. This combination reflects the deep, often tumultuous process of transformation that Scorpio embodies.

  • Death Card (Scorpio): Symbolises the end of cycles, making way for new beginnings.
  • Judgement (Pluto): Encourages evaluation and transformation, guiding individuals towards renewal.
  • The Tower (Mars): Represents sudden upheavals, breaking down existing structures to rebuild stronger.

Chiron and Ophiuchus’s Influence on Judgement

As some astrologers explore Chiron’s role, the archetype of Ophiuchus, they propose a nuanced connection with the Judgement card. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, adds a significant layer of healing. This contributes to the holistic growth symbolised by Judgement. Chiron’s influence enhances the transformational journey represented by the card.

Chiron’s Influence on Judgement:

  • Healing: Chiron emphasises the healing of deep-seated wounds and the transformation of pain into wisdom.
  • Rebirth and Renewal: Much like Judgement’s themes, Chiron guides individuals towards rebirth through the integration of past experiences and lessons.
  • Spiritual Awakening: Chiron’s role adds a spiritual dimension to Judgement, encouraging the embrace of one’s true essence and potential.

Reconciling Pluto and Chiron in Judgement

While Pluto embodies the profound transformative energies of the Judgement card, Chiron introduces compassion and holism. Ophiuchus, ruled by Chiron, represents the fusion of physical and spiritual healing. This aligns with Judgement’s call for introspection and rebirth.

Synergy Between Pluto and Chiron:

  • Transformation and Healing: Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to personal metamorphosis, combining raw transformation with deep healing.
  • Spiritual Growth: Chiron’s influence enriches Pluto’s transformative power, guiding individuals towards enlightenment and holistic renewal.
  • Holistic Integration: The blend of Pluto’s intensity and Chiron’s healing wisdom ensures a balanced approach to Judgement’s call for self-evaluation and awakening.

The Case for a Separate Wounded Healer Arcanum

While it is possible to include Chiron’s energy in the Judgement card, a separate card could offer deeper readings. The Wounded Healer archetype Chiron represents is complex and multifaceted, with themes beyond transformation and rebirth. No other Arcanum has been made to fit two planets.

Nuanced Readings

A separate Wounded Healer Arcanum could provide tarot readers with a more precise tool for exploring the intricate layers of personal pain, healing, and growth. Chiron’s energy encompasses both the deep wounds and the wisdom that emerge from confronting and healing those wounds. This card could delve into:

  • Acknowledgement of Pain: Encouraging individuals to face their vulnerabilities and insecurities directly.
  • Pathways to Healing: Providing insight into the methods and practices that might aid in the healing process, whether it’s through therapy, spiritual practices, or personal introspection.
  • Transformation of Suffering: Illustrating how pain and suffering can be transformed into wisdom, empathy, and compassion for others.

Dealing with Chiron Returns and Difficult Placements

A separate Wounded Healer Arcanum could also be incredibly useful for anyone going through a Chiron return or dealing with other difficult Chiron placements or transits. Chiron returns are significant astrological events that often bring profound self-examination and healing opportunities. This dedicated card could serve as a touchstone for those navigating these challenging periods.

  • Chiron Return: Around the 50-year mark, individuals undergo their Chiron return, a time of reflection and potential healing. This card could offer guidance and support during this transformative phase.
  • Difficult Transits: For those experiencing harsh Chiron transits or placements, the Wounded Healer card could provide clarity on how to work through these periods of intense self-confrontation and growth.
  • Personal Development: Understanding the influence of Chiron in one’s natal chart is pivotal for personal development. This card could highlight specific areas where healing and growth are most needed.

The Spiritual Dimension

Incorporating a separate Wounded Healer Arcanum also enriches the spiritual dimension of the Tarot deck. Chiron’s role as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms resonates deeply with themes of holistic healing and enlightenment.

  • Holistic Integration: Encouraging the integration of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self.
  • Spiritual Growth: Guiding individuals toward spiritual awakening through the healing of deep-seated wounds.
  • Divine Wisdom: Emphasising the journey of transformation that leads to the accumulation of wisdom, which can then be shared with others.

Elevating the Tarot as a Tool

Introducing a separate Wounded Healer card would not only honour the distinct journey of Ophiuchus individuals but also elevate the Tarot as a comprehensive tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. This new card could embody the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern understanding, guiding individuals not just through cycles of death and rebirth, but towards ultimate spiritual renewal and enlightenment.

In conclusion, while the Judgement card can certainly encompass aspects of Chiron’s energy, a dedicated Wounded Healer Arcanum provides a more nuanced, precise, and spiritually rich tool for those seeking deeper understanding and healing. By creating space for this crucial archetype, the Tarot deck becomes an even more powerful ally on the journey toward personal and collective transformation.


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