the faery crown litha tarot spread for heart healing

The Faery Crown Midsummer Tarot Spread

midsummer litha tarot spread

Hand in hand, with fairy grace,
Will we sing, and bless this place.
~ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Is your heart heavy? Are you still stuck on an ex? Are you filled with regret about a love relationship that didn’t work out or a situation that isn’t improving? Have you more or less stopped believing that you will ever be in a loving and reciprocal relationship? Have you had one dating dud after another?

Don’t despair! The Midsummer faeries are here to help! Midsummer (or Litha in the Pagan tradition) is the most auspicious time of the year for heart healing. It’s the time when the Sun is most powerful to influence Magickal workings and it is not a coincidence that the yellow (sun colour) anti-depressant herb St John’s Wort is in full bloom this time of year.

This Tarot Spread is my Litha offering to you, my loves. I know that some of you struggle with your love relationships as well as with self-love and I send this spread out into the world charged with the Magick of Self-Love and radiant joy from within.

A Midsummer Tarot Spread for Heart Healing

midsummer tarot spread for heart healing

1. Healing Begins – This is something you can do to begin healing. Sometimes taking action – pretty much any action – will help us rise from the mire of heartache and despondent thoughts. If the card you pull for this seems ambiguous, light a candle to your Faery Guide and ask for a wee bit of help with the interpretation. Expect a playful energy to come in if follow this last bit of advice. The faeries want us to play and have more fun – especially this time of year… They may even engage you in a game of dare!

2. Self-Love and Boundaries – What you need to know about setting boundaries for yourself right now so that your self-respect remains intact. Imagine the flower over the second card covering your third eye, absorbing any confusion that keeps your boundaries muddled.

3. Beliefs – A reflection of the beliefs you hold about yourself and your happiness levels at this moment in time.

4. Clarity – How you can change your beliefs to gain more clarity and self-confidence. If a seemingly negative card shows up in this position, you need to find the most positive and healing interpretation of this card. Every card contains the full spectrum from darkest dark to lightest light.

5. Isolation – This card will help you understand how your heartache and sorrow is keeping you in isolation and from fully enjoying the Faery Feast that is Midsummer. It shows you how are you are acting in a way that keeps you from connecting with others from the heart.

6. Reaching Out – How you can begin connecting, dating and/or relating from a place of peace, strength and self-sourced joy.

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Desculpa comentar em português. Sou brasileiro e acesso seu site traduzindo com o Google Tradutor. Não é a primeira vez que pego um método de leitura seu, principalmente em épocas de sabbaths, mas essa leitura foi tão profunda e tão importante para mim e chegou num momento tão certo de cura emocional/amorosa que estou vivendo e me esclareceu tanta coisa, que eu não podia deixar de comentar e agradecer imensamente! Que você seja abençoada, Lisa!

  2. This is just perfect!! Upon doing my cards, I see a literal re-birth after much energy of release being around (often a bit painful) and I claim this clean slate NOW so that I may manifest into the world my great work/soul purpose!! Happy Litha – Tarnin Austa (the Elven Gates of Summer)!!

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