gemini full moon 2021

Gemini Full Moon 2021 (with Tarot Spread)

gemini full moon

An Opportunity to Access and Download Higher Consciousness

During a Full Moon, the Sun is always in the opposite Zodiac sign. So in the case of the Gemini Full Moon, we have the Sun in the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Both are at 27 degrees of their respective signs. For the 2021 Gemini Full Moon, this means that the Sun is aligned with the Galactic Centre which is also at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This means that this Gemini Full Moon will be full of revelations and downloads. We will be able to more easily access Higher Consciousness. That can only be a good thing!

Neptune forms a wide T-square with the Sun and Moon during this lunation. This too can help enlighten our perspective and enable us to see the bigger picture. The illusion/delusion is fading fast and the narrative is crumbling! Since both the Full Moon and Neptune are connected to secrets being revealed, we can expect more narrative lies to be exposed around the time of the Gemini Full Moon. Since we have Mercury and Chiron in a tight square during this lunation, no doubt some of the secrets exposed will concern health matters.

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Power, Sex and Money

However, we also have a conjunction between Venus and Pluto at the time of the Full Moon. Pluto, being the ruler of Scorpio, is of course also associated with secrets. Venus is stationing retrograde in Capricorn around the time of the Full Moon. Could some of the secrets revealed FINALLY make investigative journalists and legal authorities follow the money that has been propping up the narrative? Let’s hope so! Additionally, with both Pluto and Venus involved, some of the secrets revealed could be to do with sex. In the case of the Cabal, we know that they can’t have one without the other since that’s how they make their deals and keep the pressure on their agents.

Jupiter Trine Moon

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is a tight trine with the Moon at the time of the Gemini Full Moon. This means that Jupiter at 27 degrees of Aquarius lends an expansive and benevolent energy to this lunation. Whatever choice (Gemini is about choices) you need to make because of the revelations made will be made easier thanks to this influence. You can expect clarity and guidance as well as optimism to dawn at the right time.

The Gemini Full Moon and You

So what does this lunation mean to you personally? As usual, I recommend looking at where 27 degrees of Gemini falls in your chart. In my case, it’s one degree shy of my Gemini Rising which means that this lunation will have a bigger than usual impact on me personally, the choices I make, and how I express myself. Forewarned is forearmed!

Once you have a fix on where this lunation falls for you, you can proceed to the Tarot spread below.

Gemini Full Moon Tarot Spread

  1. How the House associated with this lunation will be impacted
  2. The main challenge to making the right choice(s) based on this impact
  3. What I will gain a higher perspective on
  4. A secret or unconscious aspect I will become aware of
  5. What is culminating now for release during the Waning Moon
  6. Where in my life I need to embrace more change and variety
love raven liora

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